Texas mom Tiffanie Cedillo got a call from her daughter’s day care on Monday that no parent ever wants.

An employee from Wee Care For All in Brenham called the mom and informed her that her 16-month-old girl was hurt and had burns on her feet, Cedillo told KBTX.

The mom said she was told the child stood barefoot on hot pavement. She said:

“She said she was sent out on the playground with no shoes on, because earlier that day she had diarrhea and it went down to her shoes.”

Cedillo recorded the call on her phone. The mom can be heard asking the day care worker if the burns are “bad,” to which they respond that it doesn’t “look too good.”

When the mother asked the day care worker to send a photo of her daughter’s feet, she was upset by what she saw. Cedillo explained to KBTX:

“I was heartbroken when I saw her foot because half of her foot was blistered.”

The mom said her 16-month-old was “screaming” when she arrived at Wee Care For All to pick her up.

She immediately took the toddler to the emergency room, where she learned her daughter had second-degree burns on the bottoms of her feet.

Cedillo said she doesn’t understand why they let her daughter outside without shoes on such a hot day. She told KBTX:

“It was almost a hundred degrees yesterday. It’s just common sense you don’t send kids out barefoot on the playground. My child was neglected and I would like for people to know that.”

According to AccuWeather, hot pavement and playground equipment can pose a serious threat to little ones. Tom Kalousek of the National Recreation and Park Association warned:

“Younger children, especially under five years old, can suffer second- or third-degree burns in a matter of moments.”

Police are currently investigating the incident at Wee Care For All, and the mother plans to press charges against the day care.

Wee Care For All has not publicly commented on the matter.

Watch the video below:

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