Crystal Parette, mom of three, had plans to remove her children from Another Great Beginnings in Phoenix City, Georgia, after a slew of issues with the daycare.

Before she could avoid further incidence with the daycare, Parette received a call on her daughter’s intended last day. The first thing the teacher told her was:

“Crystal I’m so sorry. I turned my head for one second and Trinity was attacked.”


Parette rushed down to the daycare immediately to rescue her 1-year-old daughter. Once she arrived at the center, she demanded photos of the attack from the owner of the daycare, Teena Mashburn.

However, rather than oblige the angry parent, Mashburn begged Parette to “not contact the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning about the incident.” The unwillingness to be investigated was not the first red flag for this daycare.

Parette eventually got to see the surveillance tape of the classroom when her daughter was attacked. The video showed baby Trinity being bitten six times by a male classmate. Parette tearfully said:

“[The teachers] were just standing there [in the video] having a full blown conversation while my daughter is being attacked.”


The mom said that this incident was one of many issues she’d had with Another Great Beginnings. Three months prior, after explicitly telling the daycare that Trinity was on a “non-table food diet,” the nine-month-old was fed a BBQ sandwich.

According to WTVM, Parette posted photos of her daughter’s bitten leg to an online Facebook page called Girl Talk 2.0, where other moms also came forward to share similarly negative experiences with the company. Emily Flowers, a former teacher and parent of a child enrolled at the daycare said:

“There are certain situations where children should have been kicked out but if you’re good friends with management, you can get away with whatever.”

Flowers mentioned that similar incidents occur at the daycare more often than they’d like to admit. In addition, rather than addressing parents’ concerns head-on, the management “encouraged” parents to “refrain from reporting incidents.”


Back in 2015, a teacher at a different Another Great Beginnings daycare was arrested and charged with “first-degree cruelty to children,” after a child sustained “redness/bruising to [his] upper back.”

In addition to Parette, Flowers is also satisfied with her decision to switch daycare centers. She said:

“It made me realize if something happened would it get swept under the rug?”

Parette added:

“It’s not fair to all the other kids there with the teachers not caring.”


WTVM reached out to Mashburn for a statement, and she eventually replied that Another Great Beginnings is, “handling the situation and doing everything they can to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

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