Every child wants love and acceptance from family, but it’s a shame when they have to go to drastic measures to achieve it.

Katya Badaeva was abandoned by her mother as a baby. Born with severe facial deformities, her mother was convinced she wouldn’t live longer than a month with her condition, Australia’s Yahoo7 News reports.

But when Badaeva outlived those expectations, the orphanage tracked down her mother. The two wound up making an appearance on a Russian talk show in June of 2016, after 16 years of separation.


It was then, the Mirror reports, Badaeva’s mother more thoroughly explained her reasoning for giving her daughter away.

In the small village her mother lived in, Badaeva would be an outcast because of her looks.

Since abandoning Badaeva, she had given birth to three other boys, each healthy and “normal.” Badaeva could only be welcomed into life with her family if she herself looked the part.

And so, the teen made the choice to turn to surgery.

For a while, there was hope. Several of her operations were successful, and significant progress was made in her appearance.

The latest surgery, however, was fatal.

According to Yahoo7 News, while getting an operation in Moscow on June 13, Badaeva developed a cardiac arrhythmia — what the American Heart Association describes as an abnormal sequence of the heart’s electrical impulses.

She died on the operating table.

According to the Daily Mail, clinic spokeswoman Irina Makarova said doctors attempted resuscitation for two-and-a-half hours. She added that it wasn’t immediately known what caused the girl’s death:

“There were no obvious reasons which could have caused this. The autopsy showed her death was not the doctors’ fault.”

But Badaeva’s mother made sure to explain that she didn’t blame the doctors:

“I can’t bring my child back. She underwent so many tests before the surgeries, God probably gave her only that much time.”

An investigation surrounding the case is currently ongoing, with a future autopsy planned, as well.

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