It may have been the accent that caused the confusion over the birthday cake design.

As WMAZ reports, Kensli Davis is a big Disney fan, and her favorite movie is “Moana.” For Davis’ 25th birthday, her mom ordered a cake from the Dairy Queen in Milledgeville, Georgia.

The family had been ordering cakes from this particular Dairy Queen for years. This time, however, there was a bit of miscommunication when the mom called to ask for a “Moana” cake. The person who took the order thought that it was a request for a “marijuana” cake.

Davis told WMAZ that she can see how the employee made the mistake:

“I think they thought that she said ‘marijuana’ because we are from south Georgia and kind of have an accent. So, ‘Moana,’ ‘marijuana?'”

Cassandra Walker, the cake decorator, wasn’t the person who took the order. She said she asked if it was really an order for a “marijuana” cake, and was told to just go ahead with the decoration.

Walker explained to USA Today that her manager was well-aware of the design:

“The manager stood behind me while I pulled the images off the internet. She walked by as I decorated the cake. As I boxed the cake up, she was the one who walked it up to the front.”

The decorator worked for the Dairy Queen for about a year. She never saw an order like this before.

She told WMAZ that she even snuck up to the counter to see the response to it:

“Once I boxed up the cake, she walked it up for me and I kind of scurried up behind her. I wanted to see the customer’s reaction to the cake.”

It definitely wasn’t what the Davis family was expecting. Instead of a Moana design, the cake had a large marijuana leaf and a pot-themed My Little Pony character. The pony had bloodshot eyes, a pot leaf stamp, and was smoking a joint.

Davis was surprised and amused when she saw the marijuana cake. Though the store offered to replace the cake, she refused and paid for the marijuana version. She told WMAZ:

“It was hilarious to me.”

She shared a photo of the cake to Facebook explaining the “Moana”/marijuana mix-up. She laughingly added, “That ice cream cake was still good though.”

I haven’t had a chance to tell y’all about our experience this weekend with my birthday cake. So my mama called and…

Posted by Kensli Taylor Davis on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

While Davis had no issue with the cake and even admired the skill that went into the design, the story didn’t end well for the woman who did the decoration.

Walker said the Dairy Queen fired her for making the cake, which management deemed unacceptable. She told USA Today:

“It’s not funny to me. This is back-to-school time. I have two little girls here. I have a car that needs fixing. It’s not funny to me.”

Walker told WMAZ that she was stunned to be fired over a misunderstanding:

“It was a mistake — it was a cake! I thought they would have said, ‘It’s a learning lesson and we’ll keep you.’ No, just a boot out the door.”

A few days later, another manager called and offered Walker her job back. But the mom refused, explaining that the store waited too long before trying to make things right.

In a statement to WMAZ, a Dairy Queen representative said:

This was a simple misunderstanding from the beginning. Our cake decorator designed a cake based on what she thought she heard the customer order. When the customer picked it up and said it was not what she ordered, we immediately apologized for the error and offered to redesign it the way she originally intended. The customer said it was fine, paid for the cake and left.

Davis told WMAZ that she wouldn’t hesitate to get her cake from the same Dairy Queen next year — minus the decoration:

“It won’t be ‘Moana’ or marijuana. I just won’t get a design at all. I’ll just get a regular ice cream cake if I have to.”

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