Nursery worker Tamara McCorkindale was 20 years old when she passed away after lying down for a nap at her home in England.

McCorkindale’s mother, Julie, said that her daughter had been suffering from abdominal pain because of an unknown condition since she was just 11, according to the Daily Mail.

No doctor was ever able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with her daughter, the mother said:

“Her pain made her very tired but when she was at work looking after the kids she would run around and put on a brave face. But she would be very tired when she got home.”

Eventually, McCorkindale was diagnosed with “functional pain” and given a number of prescription medications to help her make it through the day.

But the very medication that was supposed to help her live was responsible for taking her life, according to The Sun.

Tamara McCorkindale/Facebook

In May, according to Julie, McCorkindale told her family that she was laying down to get some rest. Shortly after, they lost all contact. The mother said:

“She finished work at 6pm and she text us, her sister and her boyfriend within that hour she finished work, got home and text everybody. She told her sister she was going for a nap.”

Julie said McCorkindale usually got a cup of tea and took her meds after work, but this time she took a few too many. The heartbroken mom explained to the Daily Mail:

“With us not there, she probably only took her tablets because she was really in pain and she wanted to get rid of it. Unbeknownst to her she took too many. There was still lots of tablets next to her.”

The family contacted police after they were unable to get ahold of the 20-year-old during her “nap.” Authorities then found her in bed, where she had died from an accidental overdose of her prescription medications.

Tamara McCorkindale/Facebook

McCorkindale’s family thinks she was just trying to get rid of her “discomfort,” but now they are left mourning their daughter. And she’s not the only one suffering from undiagnosable pain.

Her doctor, Dr. Marcus Jacobs, said her “functional pain” disorder was just one of many types. He told the Daily Mail:

“It could be the fact that the pain is just not well understood medically. It can be something we have not yet discovered — there are lots of people who suffer with functional disorders.”

According to Specialist Pain Physio Clinics, patients with functional pain are often told that their condition is “all in their head” even if they are experiencing very real pain.

Like in McCorkindale’s case, a lack of solid diagnosis also means that the patients may never live a pain-free life. And for the 20-year-old, trying to treat it ultimately took her too soon.

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