Kendal Peifer snapped some photos of her father, Patrick, trying out his solution to hold their jittery rescue dog still while getting his nails clipped. The dad solved the problem— and sent hearts across the internet racing without even trying.

Kendal explained to BuzzFeed the family’s dog, Oliver, isn’t a fan of having his nails clipped:

“It’s very difficult to keep him still while clipping nails.”

The Minnesota dad set out to fix the problem by using a thrift store purse that he found at the Salvation Army and a pair of scissors. Patrick cut four holes in the bag, placed Oliver’s paws through them, and hung the bag from a door using gym equipment.

Apparently, the hack worked:

The proud daughter showed off her dad’s invention on Twitter. While people liked the dad’s DIY purse trick, how he looked was what really got their attention:

Kendal seemed to have a sense of humor about the reactions, telling BuzzFeed:

“A lot of people are saying how genius the idea was. Other people are asking for my dad’s phone number and saying how good looking he is.”

In all, Kendal’s dad tweet scored over 70,000 retweets thanks to her cute dog—and her “fine” father.

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