A 6-year-old girl is being hailed a hero after saving her mom.

During the heatwave that affected millions of people last weekend, a Grandview, Missouri mom fell victim to the heat when she suffered heatstroke on July 20.

According to WDAF, Christinia and her mom Mary had spent a part of their day at an outside birthday party, when Mary began to feel ill. When the mom passed out, her quick-thinking 6-year-old knew just want to do, and she called her grandmother for help.

Christinia said she could tell something was wrong with her mom:

“I took her temperature to see if she was cold. I tried to get her some water, but she said no. She laid in the bed and just started crying. […] I was trying to hold her hand. She was just passing out on me. I was crying.”

That’s when Mary “blacked out” and Christinia called her grandmother, Vickie Hancock, for help.

Hancock told Fox4:

“As soon as I picked up the phone, she said, ‘Grandma, it’s an emergency,’ and I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ and she said, ‘It’s my mama. She’s not talking and she won’t open her eyes.'”

Hancock then called 911 for the little girl, who courageously opened the door for the paramedics when they arrived.

According to Mary, they were only at the birthday party for an hour and a half before heatstroke set in.


As the Mayo Clinic reports, symptoms of heatstroke include, “nausea and vomiting, altered mental state or behavior, a body temperature of 104 degrees, flushed skin, a racing heart, rapid breathing, a headache, or alteration in sweating.”

It’s important to notify emergency services right away if any of these symptoms are being experienced on a hot day.

Mayo Clinic also offers ways to fight off heat-related illnesses:

  • Get to a shady or air-conditioned place: “If you don’t have air conditioning at home, go someplace with air conditioning, such as the mall, movie theater or public library.”
  • Cool off with damp sheets and a fan: “If you’re with someone who’s experiencing heat-related symptoms, cool the person by covering him or her with damp sheets or by spraying with cool water. Direct air onto the person with a fan.”
  • Take a cool shower or bath: “If you’re outdoors and not near shelter, soaking in a cool pond or stream can help bring your temperature down.”
  • Rehydrate: “Drink plenty of fluids. Also, because you lose salt through sweating, you can replenish salt and water with some sports drinks.” However, avoid drinking “sugary or alcoholic beverages to rehydrate.”

As WDAF reports, Mary was able to make a full recovery after receiving treatment at a local hospital.

And Christinia will be honored for her heroism next week.

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