Texas student Marissa Hooper wanted to know if her parents were thinking about her while she was away at school, so she came up with a tricky way to find out.

According to Inside Edition, she used family photos and her Chihuahua to figure it out whether they:

“Looked at all of the pictures when they missed us.”

She got her answer when she replaced pictures of her and various family members with photos of her dog, dressed in the same outfits and with the same poses.


Her mom didn’t catch the prank right away. In fact, it took her weeks to discover what her daughter had done. Marissa’s mom, Kathryn, told BuzzFeed:

“It was kind of embarrassing.”

Her mother finally noticed the photos of the dog taking over her house when she had friends visiting.


Marissa told Inside Edition:

“She found it while company was over and knew immediately it had to be one of us playing a joke on her.”

Kathryn was not pleased:

Screenshot/Twitter Screenshot/Twitter

Kathryn texted her daughter a snappy comeback:


The mother was embarrassed because she thought her friends might point the finger at her for creating the strange photos.

Kathryn told BuzzFeed:

“I don’t want people thinking that’s what I do in my spare time.”

Now that her mom has caught on to her daughter’s dog trick, she’s been keeping her eyes open for more:

“I think when I leave, she surveys,” Marissa said.

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