Preparing to send a child off to college can be a scary and emotional time.

However, for the moms coping with the difficult task of leaving their children at Texas State University, the football team has no problem rising to the occasion of cheering them up.

Earlier this week, Avery Leilani and her mom, Danielle Clay, attended Leilani’s freshman orientation.

According to USA Today, at one point during the day, Leilani and Clay were forced to go their separate ways. Thanks to some of the members of the Texas State football team, Clay was not left to entertain herself.

As football player, Gabe Schrade, told USA Today, the team loves Texas State students, fans, and “especially moms.”

According to Schrade, it was Clay who approached them for help:

“She said it was a selfie contest for prize money toward tuition. She walked over and asked us to make it special for her so we did our best improv, and it looks to have turned out well so far.”

Schrade was surprised to see that the images ended up going viral on social media. He gave a shout out his fellow teammates, Easy Anyama, Gabe Loyd, and Elijah Rogers, who were in the selfie with him.

Leilani said that she didn’t know her mom was taking the photos for a contest and tweeted screenshots of their text messages because she thought it was funny.


She told USA Today:

“I just posted it to my Twitter thinking my conversation about my mom was funny. I didn’t expect it to go viral. I had no idea it was … for a contest.”

As it turns out, Clay wasn’t the only mom to grab a selfie during orientation. In replying to Leilani’s tweet, Brittney Ganung revealed that her mom did the same thing just days earlier.

Ganung said her mom “was just visiting the stadium,” when she happened to stumble upon some of the other team’s members and asked them for a photo:

The photo was sent to Ganung with the caption, “Your mama is a balla.”

Moms, raise your hands if you now want your children to attend Texas State University.

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