A mother and daughter lived together in a room at the Harvest Inn Bed and Breakfast in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Then one day, the daughter asked for a new room, complaining that her mother kept the room too warm for her.

The heat in the room wasn’t the only problem, there was also an awful stench that the daughter failed to mention to the owners when she requested her own room, according to NBC10.


The owners, Tony and Mary McHugh, rarely entered Moira Richey and her mother Patricia Richey’s room, which was located on the third floor. Most guests stayed on the second floor and Moira always had a reason to keep them from coming in.

They found out what all of the excuses were for when they finally got into the room to install a new air conditioner.

They found a blanket pulled over a badly decomposed body lying on the bed.

As WNEP reports, the owners had not seen Patricia since the fall — when Tony removed the air conditioner he was trying to replace. Now they knew where the 80-year-old mother was.

Moira, a former police officer with the New York Police Department, asked to switch rooms in February or March, but still had reasons they could not go into her mom’s room until the day they discovered she was dead.

The Times-Tribune reports that Mary had begun to get suspicious about being blocked out of the room when she started to smell air freshener mixed together with a foul scent.


After repeatedly being told her mother wasn’t feeling well, or she needed to clean before they could come in, the owners finally put their foot down, giving Moira an ultimatum — we come in to install the new air conditioner, or we call the police.

The daughter told Mary they could go into her mother’s room when she took her to a doctor’s appointment at 8:00 a.m., but that changed when Moira came downstairs at exactly 8:00 a.m., claiming her mother was sick. A trooper stated:

“Mrs. McHugh asked if she was sick or dead. Moira Richey said she didn’t know but she (Patricia Richey) wasn’t breathing.”

That was the moment they finally got into the room, finding Patricia’s dead body.

An autopsy was unable to determine her cause of death, a State police spokesman said the mother was dead for “weeks or months.”

Mary said of their finding:

“You feel sick, you want to throw up, you don’t understand how this could happen.”

The daughter is facing questions about how and when her mother died.

No charges have been filed yet, as state police continue to investigate the death. Police spokesman Mark Keyes said they are still working to determine whether she died from foul play or natural causes.

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