Before Danielle and Adam Busby welcomed their all-girl quintuplets into the world, Danielle had a budding career.

According to StyleBlueprint, Danielle and Adam met while working at Target. The pair then began working in petrochemicals — Adam worked in communications and sales, while Danielle worked in management.

However, after their five daughters were born, Danielle became a full-time stay-at-home mom in order to save money on child care.

The quints are now 2 years old, and Danielle and Adam have invested in a cycling studio with two other couples to help save money for their six daughters’ futures. Danielle had hopes that this endeavor would help her get back into the workforce.

Danielle admitted in a confessional during the season finale of TLC’s “OutDaughtered” that she was looking forward to using the studio to help her feel like herself again:

“I’m really looking forward to the cycle studio helping me become me again. I feel like I’m the woman that’s known as ‘that lady who has half a dozen girls.’ But I had a career and I loved my job, and I’m just really excited about it.”

But when Adam learned about his wife’s plan to spend less time at home and more time working in the studio, he got uncharacteristically upset. During a meeting with the other investors, Adam voiced his concerns about Danielle going back to work part-time:

He said, in part:

“With everything going on this week, I just really wish that Danielle would not have brought this up in front of all of our partners, just because I don’t really see it being very realistic. Her being at the studio all the time, I’m just worried that we’re going to end up spending more money on child care than she’s going to be bringing in at the studio. I mean, is that even worth it?”

Adam’s reaction to her going back to work surprised Danielle.

She explained that Adam’s attitude made it seem like he didn’t know that she wanted to put more time into the studio than the other investors, even though it was something they’d talked about together in the past.

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Danielle let Adam know that she was hurt by his lack of support:

“Adam, I’m not going into the studio and dropping my kids off, or at daycare, all day every day. That’s not what this is.”

The mom of six admitted to Adam that, ever since she’s become a mom of quintuplets, she hasn’t felt like a human being. She explained:

“All I’m trying to say is that I want a break and something else that I keep focused on that’s not specifically for everyone else. I have to stay [with the kids] all day, every day, and it’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just the same thing and there’s no interaction. It’s just baby life all day. I’m not going to be the one running the place.

Like, can I please just be a human being and have something that makes me feel good and makes me feel happy?”

Adam said that he hates disappointing Danielle, but he believes that by Danielle working in the studio, it’s going to cost them more money in the long run.

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However, what Adam didn’t know is just how much Danielle was looking forward to being a major part of the studio. A visibly emotional Danielle told the cameras that “failure was not an option” when it came to the studio because this is their kids’ future at stake. Even more, it’s a big part of who she has become over the last couple of years. She said:

“I miss being me, not just mom. Being in the studio excites me, it makes me feel important.”

And after spending a day alone with five of his girls, Adam started to understand why Danielle needed a break from time to time.

Adam told Danielle that they would figure out this new adventure together.

He added that his and Danielle’s “relationship is strong, and the trust they have in each other, there is nothing [anyone] can do to harm that.”

It is still unclear if the Busby clan will be back for another season.

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