When Norah Wood and Dan Peterson first met in 2016, Norah’s mom, Tara, was embarrassed by the encounter.

Tara admitted nearly two years ago that Dan didn’t initially come off as the “warmest man in the world.” However, when the elderly widower learned Norah was trying to talk to him at the grocery store, his “face lit up.”

It was Norah’s birthday and she wanted him to know it:

“Hi old person! It’s my birthday today!”

Little did Norah, Dan, or Tara know, those seven “almost embarrassing” words would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship that is still going strong to this day.

WLTX caught up with Tara at Norah’s preschool graduation. Dan was also in attendance. Tara described their friendship as “pure magic.”

As Independent Journal Review previously reported, months before Dan and Norah met, Dan had lost his wife and had “sunk into a bit of a depression.”

It took meeting Norah to get Dan to smile again. Through Norah, Dan admits, he finally found happiness.

Now the unlikely duo gets together at least once a week. Tara told WLTX:

“She’s wholly invested in him. She can’t remember her life before him, and I’m not sure that he wants to remember his before her.”

Tara recalled a visit a few months ago when Norah knocked on Dan’s door and he didn’t answer it right away. 

The delay caused Norah to worry about her friend; her reaction to him finally opening his door really solidified how much Norah cares for him.

Norah flung herself into his arms like she normally does, but this time, she began to cry and he had a hard time getting her to release her strong grasp on him.


Tara said of the friendship:

“It’s remarkable. I mean, I think a lot of people thought that it wouldn’t continue, but they’re pure magic.”

When asked by the WLTX reporter why she liked hanging out with Dan so much, Norah replied by saying:

“He’s sweet… sweet like a peppermint.”

And Dan admittedly gets teary eyed himself when he thinks about how much Norah loves him— even though she doesn’t have to.

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