Sports fans on social media dubbed one dad a “hero” after he found an ingenious way to entertain his toddler while enjoying a sporting event.

During a recent Atlanta United soccer game, a dad was caught on camera practicing his multi-tasking skills. He figured out a way to relish in game day activities by eating his hot dog during the match and keep his young daughter busy by showing her a video on his smartphone.

The girl appeared to be content while drinking from her sippy cup as she watched some cartoons, which played behind her dad’s back.

ESPN tweeted after the incident:

Not all heroes wear capes.

Countless others seemed to relate to the video and praised the father for figuring out a way to keep his daughter occupied during the game.

Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard wrote:

Live soccer match or not, Peppa Pig waits for no one. Dad of the year.

The video was originally posted on Instagram by another soccer fan who goes by the name Taylor Scalera, and the clip quickly went viral.

However, some people slammed the parenting move. One person wrote:

I constantly take my five-year-old to DC United games. We stand in the supporters group for 90 minutes. He chants, he sings, he dances around with the other supporters. He throws water in the air when we score. No screens are needed. Tell me more about how this guy is father of the year?

Still, others supported the father’s choices. Another person commented:

He can keep his child entertained, while he enjoys himself and he can’t force his child to be interested in sports. So that’s how he’s dad of the year.

The dad’s name has not been released, and he could not be reached for comment.

What do you think about this parenting move?

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