Father of two Austin McBroom is best known for having over 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, The ACE Family.

McBroom and his wife, Catherine, let fans in on just about every part of their lives with their two daughters, Elle, 2, and Alaia, 3-months.

The couple posts videos showing everything from their family’s nighttime routine to the mom’s labor.

Their fans have come to expect family-friendly content, but now the dad is under fire for doing something they have deemed inappropriate.

The ACE Family/YouTube

In a video posted McBroom’s Snapchat account, the father bought an unidentified young girl a lollipop that was a phallic shape.

The child was in what appeared to be a store like Spencer’s with McBroom when she asked for the lollipop, seemingly unaware that it was an inappropriate shape.

McBroom gave the girl the lollipop and laughed as she pretended to lick it. His wife was also present and he encouraged the child to “show Catherine.”

He then paid for the lollipop at the counter and told the little girl:

“Keep that in a bag forever, do not show that to anyone. That’s your little secret.”

Many fans were outraged by McBroom’s actions and the clip quickly went viral on Twitter.

One user wrote to the dad:

So you just gonna ignore the video going around of you buying the girl the lollipop?! You probably praying for people to stop talking about it bc you know that’s gonna ruin you career which Means no more Gucci no more supreme.

Another said:

This is terrible, how can he think is a good idea to take a child to a sex store and on top of that buying a freaking ‘lollipop’, and yet saying ‘what are you making me buy’… Wtf

McBroom has yet to publicly comment on the controversy.

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2 Replies to “Dad From Popular Parenting YouTube Channel Gets Slammed For Buying Little Girl Phallic-Shaped Lollipop”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This guy is screaming for attention – much as a teen that acts out anything to get attention from parents, peers, or whomever. He seems to be ill of the head and thinking in taking that little girl into such a store to begin with – makes me wonder just what in hell really goes on in the lives of his wife and children!

  • Samantha 2 years ago

    OMG i was scrolling down the ace family’s account and found out about his i was a huge fan and i think it is time to finally unsubscribe for all the mistakes Austin has made like being racist to women and buying elle a dick lollipop that is a huge mistake he has made just like Logan made a huge mistake and lost all his followers people still might like the ace but after this idk if i can still be subscribed after what he has made sorry ace family i love u guys but this is too much i think it is time to unsubscribe.

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