A grieving dad, who experienced a heartbreaking loss when his twins were murdered, posted an emotional message on Twitter ahead of Father’s Day.

The distraught husband of a wife who killed their twin daughter and son shared a heart-wrenching poem after his wife drowned their babies.

Steven Ford said he’s “no longer” a dad after his wife Samantha Ford, 38, drowned 23-month-old Jake and Chloe after their marriage broke down.

On December 27, the mom crashed her car into a truck, before telling rescuers to go home and check on her children, reports the Daily Mail. Forty-five minutes later police found the toddlers dead in her Kent, England home.

The woman later admitted to killing the couple’s little ones.

Steven expressed his grief in a poem he wrote:

Pictures a frozen piece of time, they take me back to when you were both mine.

My name was different back then and for that I’m glad, I was most known as the man you called dad.

Now it’s just me alone and still grieving, my name’s no longer dad, now it’s just Steven.

The English father went on to describe how he’s coping with the death of his twins as a parent by saying his “heart is broken but slowly mending.”

Following the tragedy, Steven said he constantly thinks about Jake and Chloe, and these memories bring up sudden and powerful feelings.

He ends the poem by writing:

I miss you both so much, it hurts me so bad, I wish I could turn back time to when I was your dad.

As the BBC reports, Samantha remains in custody. She is expected to be sentenced on July 26.

The woman admitted to killing her twins over the Christmas holiday and pleaded guilty to manslaughter. According to the BBC, Steven accepted the prosecution’s decision not to request a murder trial.

Officials said “the reasons would become “obvious” at the next court hearing.

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7 Replies to “‘My Name Is No Longer Dad:’ Distraught Dad Writes Devastating Post for Father’s Day After Wife Drowned Twins”

  • Dawn Simmons 1 year ago

    I’m heartbroken for your loss…..

  • Lindy Pomicter 1 year ago

    I pray that each day you grow stronger and that God Almighty heals your broken heart! I also pray that you will be reunited with your babies in Heaven when the time comes. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  • Biana vacker 1 year ago

    I am only a young kid and have no idea how you can deal with this. However, I mean what I say. I hope that your broken heart will heal over time and that no matter what happens, I know that your twins will always remain in your heart and will always be proud of you for being strong. I am sure they would not like to see you so broken hearted but to continue on. They are always watching over you in heaven . You can still be called dad in your heart as you had twins . You can always remember that you are a Dad and will always be one as although they were murdered, they will remain in your heart and will always be remembered.

    Although I do not know much as I am only in secondary school, I can tell how distraught and upset you are and I hope that this will inspire you to continue in and that your twin babies will always be watching over you and will forever remain in you heart. The actions that your Wife had carried out were so bad that I can’t express it. However, always, when you think of your twin babies, know that they will always remind you that you are a dad who is strong to them for not giving up, for preserving through this difficult time.

    Oh and the name given is my nickname

  • Lisa ThomS 1 year ago

    You are still a dad. Even though your precious children are gone, you gave them love and showed them what a true father is… the man that hugged and kissed them, the father that rough housed, tickled them in the floor. You gave them joy and showed them what a “daddy” was like. I cannot imagine your grief but I pray that you remember the good times with your beautiful twins. Happy Father’s Day to a man who showed his children what true love was.
    May God give you strength and to go on in spite of your
    terrible loss. I pray that you will one day experience joy again.

  • S Anon 1 year ago

    I’m sorry what the hell did I just read???!! A 38 year old GROWN adult woman drowns her precious babies?!… Umm… here I am with NO children and trying to conceive! No good relationship either! …Umm, they could have tried mariage counseling???!! 🙁 This makes me SO sad!! But I grieve more for all involved. The wife whos mental state must be going through a lot (too much of something maybe?! Under the influence??!), The dad obviously… but especially the children, who are the REAL victims of this! Good God seriously what the hell is this world coming to?!!

  • DG 1 year ago

    Thoughts of you in my prayers.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    I just cannot understand it when I read stories of one spouse harming their children as a way to get back at the other spouse. It is such an evil act that no argument or justification can ever truly explain it. I am so sorry that you lost those people who called you Dad. I don’t know what I would do if I lost the one who calls me Dad.

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