As mom Maya Turnipseed wrote on Facebook, you can’t tell her that her daughter’s “biggest support” isn’t her father, Maurice.

In a video that the mom admitted she never thought would go viral, Maya captured her husband helping their 2-year-old daughter, Aubrey, hula hoop like the big kids.

While visiting the Tampa Bay zoo, older kids hula hooping in the sunshine caught Aubrey’s eye, and as her mom explained to Inside Edition, Aubrey immediately wanted to join in on the fun:

“We were at the zoo Sunday and they have like a little DJ booth set up and hula hoops on the ground for the kids. And she saw some older kids hula hooping. And she wanted to hula hoop and I had my back turned answering text messages and stuff and when I turned around and saw them two, he was pulling the hula hoop around her.”

And even though Maurice knew his daughter wouldn’t know how to hula hoop, he decided to lend a helping hand rather than tell her she couldn’t do it. As Maurice wrote on his own Facebook, if “she wants to hula hoop…. then she gets to hula hoop.”

So after Aubrey picked out the hula hoop she wanted to use, the father stood behind his daughter and started to twist the hoop around her.

Aubrey jumped for joy and beamed with pride at the fact she was hula hopping with the big kids.

The video has since been shared by over 32,000 people, leaving many of the people who have watched it in awe over Maurice’s and Aubrey’s adorable father-daughter relationship.

Maya took to Facebook again to thank everyone for their support:

Thank you to everyone that shared our little video. Just a normal day in our family with Aubrey and Hubs. I’m just the camerawoman lol.

How adorable!

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