It was chaos during dinner prep in the Hobbs house. That might be why Dad didn’t stop to question why the measuring cup seemed a little “off.”

As Kidspot reports, Cindy Hobbs was taken aback to find her menstrual cup sitting in a bag of rice. Remembering her husband had helped make rice the night before, she texted him to ask what her feminine hygiene product was doing there.

Hobbs shared their exchange on Facebook as her husband texted back, helpfully reminding her:

I used it to measure the rice last night. It said 3 cups of rice.

To which Hobbs responded:

It’s my menstrual cup, you dick pod!

Her husband didn’t understand what she was so upset about, mistaking the word “menstrual” for a familiar hearty soup. He replied:

?Menstalony soup?

Hobbs cleared up both the soup confusion and the true purpose of the cup:

It’s MINISTRONE soup, you wanker! Google menstrual!

To which her husband — finally realizing what had happened — responded with a simple, “Oh f**k.”

As for how the mistake occurred, Hobbs explained she doesn’t store the cup in the kitchen. Rather, she’d been making soup for dinner along with fried rice (to feed their two children). In the chaos of dealing with kids and food prep, things got a bit confused. As she told Kidspot:

“I got too distracted to finish the rice so hubby took over, I asked him to add a cup of rice to the soup and put some on for the fried rice. My toddler came running out of the bathroom with my menstrual cup, I took it off her and placed it on the kitchen sink right next to the rice. My husband assumed this was the measuring cup and as I walked off to deal with the kids he took over in the kitchen and committed the crime.”

She did clarify the cup was clean, so it wasn’t quite as upsetting as it might have been.

What’s more, this isn’t the first time Hobbs’s husband has managed to create a minor kitchen disaster. She told Kidspot:

“My husband is BAD in the kitchen and I should have never trusted him. He can’t cook AT ALL, he burns toast, makes lumpy gravy, butchers fried eggs … he’s hopeless.”

Despite the fact her husband can be a “walking disaster,” Hobbs says she loves the way he makes her laugh. And she wouldn’t want him to change.

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