Jason Howerton, our colleague and Senior Editor at Independent Journal Review, and his wife Brittany were high school sweethearts.

He told Dearly that the two of them met in the 10th grade and have been together ever since.

Jason Howerton

Now, they have been married for almost four years and recently learned they are going to be parents for the first time:

“Over the span of more than a decade, she saw me go from a irresponsible punk with dreams to be in a band to a real man ready to be a dad. It’s been an insane journey, and I’m not sure any other woman would have stuck around so long waiting for me to become the man she deserves.”

According to Jason, they first learned Brittany was pregnant when they were enjoying a weekend getaway in the Texas Hill Country. It was Father’s Day weekend and Brittany allegedly woke him up “at an ungodly hour.”

Jason admitted that he couldn’t quite grasp the fact that his wife was pregnant at first:

“Still in a stunned state and half-asleep, she held out a pregnancy test and told me with tears in her eyes, ‘I’m pregnant.’ My mind attempted to process the life-altering words, but I’m pretty sure I just kept repeating over and over again, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure?'”

Brittany was more than sure.

Just this week, the couple learned the sex of their baby and Jason decided to record the moment.

At first, Jason, who was reading the results, said it was a girl. Then he realized he was reading that Brittany was female — not the baby:

Brittany was quick to call out her husband about the fact he seemed way more excited about having a boy than a girl.

She exclaimed:

“You were not this excited when you thought it was a girl!”

Nonetheless, Jason explained to Dearly:

“I want to get one thing straight. I would have been extremely happy to be having a little girl. My reaction in the video was 100 percent genuine and the result of me believing with all of my heart for months that I was having a son. I just had a feeling and I had prayed about it a lot. So my reaction was one of shock, not of disappointment. Luckily for me, it really was a boy and my wife didn’t give me too hard of a time about it.”

He also told Dearly that he had no idea his heart could hold so much love for someone he doesn’t even know:

“It’s really cliche, but you truly cannot grasp the magnitude of the human heart’s ability to love until you have a child. Right now, my son is the size of a peach — I’ve never seen his face, but I would happily give up my life so he could be born. It’s a surreal realization and I don’t think anyone is ready for it. It changes you almost instantly.

I work in the news industry and I see so much anger, hatred, and frustration. It can really wear down on your soul. But when I think about my son, it’s like none of that matters, like I see a bigger picture. If I can raise my son right, teach him to love his fellow man and do the right thing, he can be the better future we all want for our kids.”

Jason admits “that’s also a whole lot of responsibility for a father whose son has yet to take his first breath,” but it’s pretty obvious he’s up for the challenge.

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