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Parents walk a fine line when it comes to aiming exasperated threats at their children. As Colin Brazier demonstrated, sometimes the desire to follow through on that threat is just too strong.

As Kidspot reports, the U.K. father-of-six is raising five girls and a boy on his own after losing his wife to cancer last year. His children range in age from 8 to 19, but it was one of the teen girls that recently tested his fatherly patience.

In a tweet that summed up the aggravation of a parent with a social media-obsessed teenager, Brazier wrote that he had just thrown his daughter’s cell phone off the balcony and into a nearby field:

Somewhere in the field, off this balcony, is my teenage daughter’s recently-hurled smartphone.

He continued with an explanation that will be familiar to any parent who has been driven to make a rash threat:

I’m sure a more constructive dialogue was possible, but sometimes following up on a parental threat simply has its own immutable logic. #getstuffedinstagram

That defense of following up on a parental threat—even at the cost of “constructive dialogue”—hit home with many others on Twitter, who shared their own memories of threats that came true:

Several pointed out that following through on a threat can be surprisingly effective:

Others cheered the dad for taking a stand:

However, Brazier’s wry acknowledgment that he lost his temper at the cost of “constructive dialogue” got no grace from other commenters.

Several people took him to task for handling the situation badly and teaching his daughter the wrong lesson:

And a few thought it was simply wasteful to throw a phone:

What do you think? Is Brazier right about the “logic” in following through on a parental threat or should he have handled the situation differently?

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11 Replies to “Dad Throws Daughter’s Phone off Balcony to Follow up on Threat. Parents Are Cheering and Defending Him”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    That was a dangerous thing to do, throwing the phone into a field. What if he hit a mother rabbit on the head, and killed her? Her bunnies will starve to death!

  • Sherry 2 years ago

    Kudos with you for following through with a punishment your child was well aware of prior to ignoring the consequences.
    I assume those that disagree with you would prefer you just let your child continue to thumb their noses at authority and yes you are the authority in your home.
    I have had my child be in their room with nothing but books for company as I removed every item such s tv, radio, phone. It taught her that respect is a two way street and that my house my rules always applies.
    I managed to raise respectful children regardless of the fact that according to some I was a heartless woman who had no idea what she was doing.

  • Knobloch 2 years ago

    Follow through on the parenting, it is your phone, not hers. It teaches her to be independent and get her own stuff if she wants to act her own way. Tough love is necessary!

  • Jennifer Santiago 2 years ago

    Jenni Williams, It wasn’t a man/woman thing, it was a parent/child thing. He was pushed to the edge. Don’t mess with your parents. It’s not a democracy. When our dad said sit down, we didn’t even look for a chair.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I think the dad did right.if his daughter could not respect him what is she going to do with her life.she had been warned and flouted all her respect to the 1 person who ho loves her to bits.parenting does not come in books or leaflets its hardcore,well done again dad

  • Jerriann 2 years ago

    Should have just locked the phone up, less wasteful and wouldn’t just be seen as juvenile behavior by an adult who should be teaching consequences not how to have a temper tantrum.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The dad probably pays for the phone and the monthly fees. Technically he owns the phone and allows her to use it. It he wants to throw away his own phone, he can do it. His behavior was fine with me.

  • Kay 2 years ago

    Take the battery out. Hand her back her phone.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Bravo! She will remember that and someday you may even be laughing about it. #momofthreewonderfuladultkids. It is the follow through that lets them realize your not playing. When they thank you later it’s so rewarding!

  • Joyce 2 years ago

    Brilliant! Kudos to dad… to many times parents issue a threat and never follow through… NOW you have a problem, they know you just bluster and blow with no follow through so why should they stop their actions? You follow through with the threat and they know that the next time they want to flaunt the rules, they will pay for it – one way or another. (If I was him, once she was in bed, probably gone out to get it and lock it up where she didn’t have access to it though.)

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