Parents are praising a dad for taking extreme measures to protect his 6-year-old son from bullying after he was thrown out of the window of a moving school bus.

Brian Kight told WBFF that his son, Jacion, never made it back home from Featherbed Lane Elementary one day, but instead wound up in an emergency room after he fell head first out of the moving vehicle. He was knocked unconscious.

Knight rushed to the scene after he discovered his son was severely injured from the bullying incident at a Baltimore public school. The dad said:

“I’m scared to death. I show up, and he’s already in the back of the ambulance. And I didn’t even get to talk to nobody because the ambulance was in a very big rush to pull off. So, I jumped in the ambulance. I was thinking I might be losing my child. And it was terrifying.”

After suffering from skull fractures with minor head bleeding, Knight learned from his son, and through watching an alarming surveillance video, what happened that day on the school bus.


Jacion told Project Baltimore that an older student called him to the back of the bus, and then pushed the emergency button to open the window, and “he throw me out the window.”

The little boy told the outlet:

“He dumped me out the window, and I landed on the street. No car didn’t run me over.”

The Maryland father, who has five other children, said he’s not surprised by the bullying and withdrew his kids from school. He said:

“I just wish this would’ve never happened. It has turned our world upside down. We’re moving. We’re relocating. We’re taking our kids and leaving.”

Kight recently quit his job and is relocating his family to West Virginia in hopes of finding a better school district for his children. The dad added:

“I’m seeing my child there completely unconscious, unresponsive, fighting for his life. And all I could think about was, ‘God, please help my son.’”

He continued:

“As a parent, I’m angry. Because as parents we send our children to school to learn and to be safe.”

Watch the video below:


A 6-year-old Baltimore County student says he was thrown out of a moving school bus. Now, the family is taking extreme steps to stop the bullying.MORE:

Posted by WBFF FOX 45 on Monday, April 29, 2019

Parents following the story on Facebook said the recent bullying incident is a prime example of why there should be a school bus aid or attendant on every school bus.

One commenter wrote:

Every bus should have an attendant on it!!! Now days, a lot of children are out of control. I see it on a daily basis. Something needs to be done!!! It’s not fair for the children who actually want to learn and go to school to have to look over their shoulder all the time because of other unruly children.

Another commenter said it’s impossible for a bus driver to manage disruptive behavior and bullying while safely transporting kids to and from school.

Knight is considering filing a lawsuit against the Baltimore County School District because it failed to protect his son. Jacion is recovering after spending three days in the hospital.

Baltimore County Public Schools has declined to comment on the bus incident.

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  • Martha Davis 10 months ago

    Schooo do absolutely nothing about bullying except give lip service to parents. I had to file a lawsuit against the school and board to get it stopped. The teachers “I didn’t see anything. Believe me, a lawsuit stops it.

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Dad Quits His Job to Relocate After His 6-Year-Old Was Allegedly Thrown out of a Moving School Bus by Bullies

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