Two months ago, Antwon Lee became a father to a little boy, Debias.

Lee told Dearly that Debias was delivered via a Cesarean section in late August. However, when he entered into the world, the little boy still had fluid inside of his lungs.

He explained:

“What happened was, he was breathing too fast. It was like he couldn’t catch his breath because all of the fluid that was still inside his lungs, so he had to be in the NICU.”

Luckily, when Lee’s girlfriend was released from the hospital after birth, so was Debias. The new father told Dearly he is very thankful to “the God he serves” for keeping his child safe despite his scary welcome into the world.

Two month after his birth, Antwon and his girlfriend took Debias to get his newborn vaccinations. And as Antwon comforted his son before the nurse administered his shots, his girlfriend took out her phone and started recording:

Antwon told Dearly he had no idea she was taking the video:

“The day before, [my girlfriend] was telling me about the shots, and as a first time daddy, I had to find a way of how I’m going to react to this. So I prayed about it.

That morning, I just talked to him. I told him it was OK to cry, everything that he was going to go through, the pain, it was OK to cry. I let him know that later in life, growing up, when he’s going through pain, it’s OK to cry, let it out.”

He continued, saying that after his son finished getting his shots, his girlfriend showed him the video and something told him to post it to Facebook. He had no idea it would receive the reaction it did.

So far, the video has over 15 million views and has been shared over 100,000 times.

And while the majority of the people who have watched and commented on the video thought it was equally as funny as it was adorable, Antwon explained to Dearly the way he acted in the video is no different than how he acts in everyday life:

“I also act like this, anybody who knows me, knows I really act like this. So when she caught it on video, I just thought it was cute to share with everybody.”

However, what people don’t really know is what Antwon was going through as the video was being record. He admitted the words he was speaking to his son were also for himself.

He told Dearly the night before Debias went in for his shots, he received a call telling him his father was dying. He said the news turned his life “upside down”:

“My father was dying. I got the call that day that he was going into the ICU. I went, and they told me he was getting ready to die. He died as a result of a bad addiction to alcohol. Everything just kind of flipped on me, so I just had to stay strong.”

Antwon said that when he first found out about his father, he looked to his son. The two of them had a conversation similar to the one his girlfriend caught on video.

He told Debias that one day he will die, too, but before that day comes, he wants to see his son succeed. He wants to see him graduate from pre-k, from kindergarten, high school, and college.

“It’s a beautiful thing, being a father. I signed up for this, and God gave me a beautiful angel. He is so peaceful; he is a peaceful child.”

He went on to tell Dearly he wants all fathers to spend time with their child. He would tell them:

“‘Go to the doctor appointment, it’s OK to do that. Your child is going to need you there.’ I’m going to be in my child’s life until my heart stops.”

Antwon is sharing his story because he wants all the fathers who watched his video to ask themselves, “Should I be in my child’s life?” … because “being a daddy is so beautiful.”

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