Just a quick look into the comment section of the “DaDMuM” Facebook page, will remind you that sometimes parents need to be reminded themselves to take a step back every once in a while.

In a recent post, the owner of the blog “DaDMuM,” Brad, revealed how he sometimes reacts with anger too quickly when his children get a bit too rambunctious.

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Posted by DaDMuM on Friday, October 26, 2018

He wrote:

These two little boys spend most of their day running rampant around mum. They’re at that age now where getting into trouble is fun if you’re not acting alone.

Yeah that’s right. We got ourselves a coup.

But they’re not bad kids. They just do things to get a reaction. And It’s easy to get angry over it. Man it’s easy. But in reality all they ever really want is our time.

Brad went on to admit that it’s when parents forget to share some of their busy day with their kids, that kids will “happily do whatever it takes to get” some of that precious time, even if that means getting in trouble.

The dad continued:

So on the weekend they were starting to get silly. Running and jumping over the dishwasher door and throwing toys. But instead of opening the back door and saying “go play outside”; I said “boys, can you show me your new train set?”

They both stopped dead in their tracks. Knox yelled “yeeaaaahhhhh” and dived into the lounge like a psycho. Finn grabbed my hand and dragged me in there.

They couldn’t wait to show me how Thomas drives up the hill, how Percy loads up at the windmill thingy and how Terence can use his bucket to scoop up the little balls. I asked questions and they answered them.

I said “how does it do that” and they watched until they had the answers. I said I wanted to see him transfer the load to the windmill, but they kept stopping him from getting to me with their buttons. Thinking they were hilarious for tricking dad.

Brad quickly realized that by simply giving up some of his time to interact with his children, his sons — who were on the verge of doing something that was going to them in trouble — were now playing in a civil manner.

He wrote:

The kids who were about to be naughty were being absolute angels… and the reason had absolutely nothing to do with them.

Because when given the choice; they would rather play with me than get into trouble every single time.

Hundreds of people commented on the post.

These two little boys spend most of their day running rampant around mum. They’re at that age now where getting into…

Posted by DaDMuM on Monday, December 3, 2018

Many thanked “DaDMuM” for reminding them that all children ever really want is their parents’ love and affection:

I needed to read this after the last few days that I’ve had with my 3 kids. 2,4 & 8. Teething, tantrums, power struggles, schooling, after school activities, iPad bans and the friggin Christmas elves……
On top of running a business from home.
Sometimes reading something from another parent going through the same struggles reminds you to slow down and give them your time, love and the extra cuddle they want before the days over.
Tomorrow will be better

It really can be that simple, until it’s not. We as parents need to model emotional regulation, yet when you’re pushed & pushed & pushed, it’s not so easy. Dealing with children at 2 different learning/aging levels adds to the weight. One may answer/react to this, while the other doesn’t understand. And trying to remain calm while within the circus can be problematic. I applaud you & your parenting, it takes a lot to remember to be the role model.

I’m going to put my phone down and play with the hot wheels now. Thanks

I needed this right now. I really struggle with my daughter, but this is just it. Thank you for the reminder Xx

To which Brad responded by saying, “I think we all need [reminding] at some point.”

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One Reply to “Dad Says When He Stopped Yelling at Kids and Interacted With Them He Saw a Drastic Change in Behavior”

  • Bad Penguin 2 years ago

    Glad to see a parent that suddenly discovers yelling at kids does nothing except lead to more yelling and potential abuse. Interact with the kids and give them healthy attention. Kids are like puppies in that they both need to be trained to behave properly. As a dad I can say becoming engaged with the children and figuring out what is needed to stop the children from behaving badly it is not only fun but builds bonds and memories. When my children started doing stuff the shouldnt rather than yell I started talking in a rough voice saying “Why are you guys making me talk like this? You know it makes daddys throat hurt and makes me cry like a little sissy boy!” This is where I’d start getting silly and whiny “Don’t you love your dad? Do you want my throat to here so I cry like a little sissy boy? Oh why doesnt my kids love their dear old dad? Why?” with a little practice it will get your kids laughing so hard they forget about doing what was about to get them in trouble. Just remember yelling is never the answer.

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