Australian dad Shane Hallford and his wife, Amy, wanted to make their son’s third birthday extra special, so they ordered a cake from their local grocery store.

Hallford wrote on Facebook that he went to Woolworths, a grocery chain, and paid $50 to have a frog cake made for his boy, Mason. He wrote:

We purchased a half slab cake from Woolworths, Tamworth NSW for my sons third birthday, we discussed options for decorating the top of the cake, a Frog face and a number 3 and we were informed that it was possible.

However, when Hallford went to pick up the cake ahead of his son’s party, he didn’t exactly get what he was hoping for. The dad said:

When we collected the cake we were extremely disappointed and upset at what we received.

We contacted the baker who decorated the cake for us who informed us “we don’t decorate cakes”, when asked why we were told it could be done we were told once agin “we don’t decorate cakes”. 

Hallford told The Sun that he was “mortified” by the cake:

“I was most disappointed with just the lack of effort. It seemed like they didn’t even care. It was a disgrace. I will never be buying cakes from Woolworths again.”

Thankfully, the father managed to find another decorator to fix cake last minute.

A spokesperson for the grocery chain said that they’ve since apologized to the family and reimbursed them for the cake’s cost. They told Yahoo:

“The Tamworth store doesn’t usually offer a full cake decoration service, but is always willing to help local customers. The team offered to attempt the decorations requested at no extra cost. We’re sorry to have disappointed the customer with our cake decorating, particularly on such a special day for the family. We’ve been in contact with the customer to apologize and provided them with a $50 gift card.”

The parents said their son still managed to have a great time at his party after getting the “repaired” cake.

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6 Replies to “Dad Slams Grocery Chain After Seeing ‘Frog Cake’ He Ordered For Son’s Third Birthday Party”

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    What a snow flake. There are way worse things in this world than a badly decorated cake

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Do you mean the father or the kid? Because the father may be a snowflake, but for sure, the kid would be pretty disappointed at the cake. But as you said, there are worse things in this world: You, for instance. Insulting a father because he wanted the best for his son? You are a moron, sir, with all my respect.

    • Ellen Bruso 2 years ago

      So you are considered a snowflake when you expect to get what you paid for?? Wow,people must see you coming from a mile away….

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      well excuse me the dad tried to get his son a frog cake with a 3 but he got a smiley face and no effort.

    • anonymous 2 years ago

      well excuse me the dad tried to get his son a frog cake with a 3 but he got a smiley face and no effort.

  • Helen Kapp 2 years ago

    The store should not have said they would decorate the cake if they don’t do that sort of thing. The father could have taken his business elsewhere in the beginning.h

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