On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons took on the Miami Dolphins. The game ended up eerily similar to last season’s Super Bowl LI matchup between the Falcons and the New England Patriots.

Up 17-0 at the half, the Falcons blew another double-digit lead, falling to the Dolphins 20-17. This is the second consecutive home game Atlanta has lost.

Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen told ESPN that “losing, in general, is hard”:

“But two times in a row at home? That’s a disrespect to ourselves. That’s a disrespect to our coaches. That’s a disrespect to our owner. That’s a disrespect to our fans. That’s a disrespect to everybody that surrounds the damn Falcons because that’s not us.”

And fans agreed with Allen’s sentiments.

Twitter user and longtime Falcons fan Anish Parekh‏ responded to Allen via the social media site to emphasize just how disrespected he felt as a fan:

Yes, Parekh actually missed his own son’s sporting event to watch his beloved NFL team lose another home game.

However, while Allen was the first to point out his team’s loss was disrespectful to the people who support them, he was wildly unimpressed with Parekh’s decision to miss his own son’s game to watch the Falcons play.


Allen, who is a father to a little boy as well, responded to Parekh, saying:


And while some may think it would have been a good idea for Parekh to let the argument go, he didn’t. He later wrote back to Allen:

Dog, I have been a fan longer than you have [sic] been a fan get over yourself and respect the people that make your pay, falcons fan since 1990.

That’s when other Twitter users began chastising Parekh for disrespecting his son:

Parekh replied to the ice cream comment by saying he “plans to.”

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