People live with fears on a daily basis, and sometimes we tend to let them dominate our lives.

But a video of a scared little boy conquering his fear of diving is motivating others to do the same.

On July 2, a proud firefighter father shared a recent clip of his son leaping from a diving board and said:

This is what overcoming fear looks like!!

The video comes two years after his son, R.J., went viral for the first time. In the viral footage from a pool day in summer 2017, little R.J. was so petrified to jump off the diving board into the deep end that his whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

Watch the clip below:

But the little boy, who at one point couldn’t get himself to jump, didn’t let his fear stop him from trying and trying again. And two years later, his dad shared another video.

After some practice, R.J. has gained the courage to finally jump. And people are likening his latest video to taking a leap of faith.

Watch the video below:

His dad wrote on Twitter:

Remember this kid that went viral a while back?? (My son RJ) Check him out 2 years later. This is what overcoming fear looks like!! A thread.

The boy not only walks down the board confidently but also dives into 12 feet of water like it was nothing.

He then swam to the wall on his own accord.

Many people praised the dad from Little Rock, Arkansas, for being a supportive and patient parent.

Others said the brave little guy is inspiring all.

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