A dad shaming sticker on a baby changing station has gripped the web as celebrities and fathers across the country advocate for changing tables in men’s bathrooms.

As previously reported by Dearly, men have complained about the inconvenience of having diaper duty in a public restroom with no tables. Some said they’ve been forced to “improvise” in a filthy bathroom stall, that’s why a post on Reddit and Twitter left dads fuming.

Someone decided to poke fun of men for changing their baby’s diapers because apparently, it’s a woman’s job.

Saw some Dad shaming at our local Rural King. Caring for your kids makes you more of a man, not less of one. from r/daddit

An anonymous user took to Reddit to share the sexist photo, and a different person found a similar sticker and posted the image to Twitter.

Many fathers took offense to the photo because the diaper-changing struggles are real without the proper facilities.

When they’re out and about, dads have to come up with creative solutions that aren’t always sanitary to get the job done in public restroom.

So when people said it’s too feminine for men to change their child’s diaper, dads sounded off over the comment.

In response to the post one person jokingly wrote on Twitter:

Next time I am just going to walk around, holding my crying child at arms length, shouting ‘woman, woman, I need a woman, this baby is broken and smells like poo.’

Another dad shared his experience:

Had to change my daughter on the counter of the men’s room in an expensive restaurant in Beijing. Every time her legs waved the hand dryers went off, spreading the smell everywhere.

One stay-at-home dad said:

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