It’s been a difficult year for 25-year-old Julia Maynor. Last November, the mother-of-three watched her father, Jay Maynor, be convicted of murdering the man who sexually assaulted her as a child.

Then, a few weeks after Jay was sentenced to 40 years in prison, her husband committed suicide. Julia told Dearly that this year she’s been trying to grieve and move forward:

“My life is a wreck now. In one week, I lost my father to the system and my husband to suicide. I’m slowly picking up the pieces and putting life back together. It isn’t easy.”

Julia was around 4-years-old when her adopted maternal grandfather, Raymond Brooks, started abusing her. The abuse continued until she was nine.

Brooks was convicted and found guilty of sexual assault. He was sentenced to five years and served 27 months in prison.

In 2014, the Houston Chronicle reports, Julia told her father something about the abuse she endured as a child. She told the courts she didn’t remember what she said, but it pertained to her memories of being abused by Brooks.

Jay allegedly drove to Brooks’s home with the intent to kill him. Before arriving at the house, he also shot at a convenience store attendant who he thought had dated and abused his stepdaughter. The store clerk was not injured.

Jay pleaded guilty to murder and second-degree attempted murder to protect Julia from standing trial. Julia told

“Basically he took it so that I didn’t have to relive the molestation and also be on the stand in front of a bunch of people talking about and bringing back memories of the molestation. My father was protecting me, like a father should do. He is an amazing father — actually the best. He loves us so much.”

After sentencing, a petition on was started to help Jay receive a lighter sentence. More than 21,000 people signed the petition.

Julia told Dearly that her dad tried to appeal his court case, but it was ultimately denied. Her family is looking for new opportunities to help create campaigns to help Jay.

Julia Maynor

For now, she’s focused on being a mom and helping her children to grieve the loss of two family members, but “we are learning and grieving as a family.”

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