Tomas Valerio’s daughter dreaded going to school because of her kindergarten teacher.

But mom and dad couldn’t figure out why their child kept coming home from school in tears until they hid a recording device in their daughter’s hair to catch the teacher in action.

Valerio told WPTV that his daughter used to love school before attending Pine Grove Elementary School, but he noticed a change once they moved to Spring Hill, Florida.

His little girl seemed to fear her teacher, and told her parents her instructor shouts and screams at students all day. Valerio said:

“After the first day, my daughter came home crying. We got her to tell us that the teacher was mean and she was very loud.”

After complaining to school officials the family was told the teacher in question had worked in the district for over 13 years, and she’s known to speak loudly in class and their daughter just needed time to adjust.


But weeks went by and the kindergartener was still terrified of her teacher. Valerio said:

“Weeks and weeks passed and it was the same. Every day was the same, she came home crying. Every morning, she would cry that she had to go to school.”

After researching the law on secret recordings, the girl’s parents clipped a small microphone into the child’s hair and caught the girl’s teacher in a classroom rant, twice.


Valerio said what he heard in the classroom was appalling. He explained:

“Maybe it wasn’t the teacher. Maybe other kids were bullying her. Maybe it was something that nobody knew about.”

The father continued:

“The entire time that she’s in class the teacher is yelling and screaming at these children. And it’s not just that she’s loud. She’s belittling them, she’s a bully to them, and we just found it disgusting.”


In a clip captured from a six-hour period, a teacher can be heard screaming at kids on one occasion:

“Why would you put an open drink in your backpack? It’s common sense. What’s going to happen to a drink that is open and goes into your backpack? It’s going to spill all over.”

In another recording, she can be heard reprimanding a child for getting a math problem wrong:

“Obviously, you don’t understand it.”

Watch the video below:

However, when Valerio shared the audio recording with Pine Grove’s principal, the district said it was against school policy to listen to the clip. The elementary school issued the following statement now that parents are demanding action be taken against the instructor:

We are aware of the concerns expressed by parents from Pine Grove Elementary. The school administration concluded their investigation and the teacher was disciplined in accordance with our School Board policy and procedures. The principal has been in contact with the parents multiple times and has offered several solutions including to change the child’s teacher.

Valerio told the outlet:

“You just don’t treat children like that, if this is the way you feel and how you have to act, this is not the job for you.”

The father said he may pull his daughter out of the elementary school while the teacher is still employed at Pine Grove.

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43 Replies to “Daughter Tells Dad She’s Afraid of Kindergarten Teacher — so He Secretly Recorded Her During 2 Classroom Rants”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Yes take her out of that Environment She supposed to be enjoying school not being afraid to go to it

  • Sonyia 2 years ago

    The teacher should have loss her job for bullying the children,the parents did the right thing. You have to stand for what’s right and back your children believe in them cause we(the parents) are not inside the classroom. Teachers now days don’t want the parents involved in their class even though they ask you to,they really don’t it’s all a lie but if it was me I be there anyway. Ohio

    • Edith R Hamilton 2 years ago

      Teacher should have been fired. She’s not mentally equipped for the job.You have to have love, compassion and patients for children. She’s obviously I’ll equipped for the job.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Do not allow them to keep her there go to state file with them trust me they will move if enough people stand up

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Pull her out! I’m 67 and my first grade teacher is still implanted in my brain. This would have been around 1958. That woman was so mean – I thought she was the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Horrible! I worked in public school setting for 38 years and that kind of behavior was never except able!

    • Your 2 years ago

      It’s “acceptable”. You worked in public education for 38 years? No wonder kids from public schools are dumb.

  • Frisco fun 2 years ago

    Get your daughter out of her class. She will destroy your child’s love of academics. Years ago, my daughter had a teacher who was similar to your daughter’s teacher. My daughter stopped trying. One child regressed back to limping and holding her arm. She had mild cerebral palsy and all those years of therapy were lost after that teacher bullied the kids. Even if your daughter is not being stacked, it’s the fear that will hurt her. Good luck.

  • Sandra Ferdig 2 years ago

    How in the hell is against policy to listen to a teacher that is mentally abusing her students.. Your frigging kidding me? Obviously it’s the only time she feels power. Power of kindergartners. Pathetic teacher, pathetic principle.

  • Amy Garofalo 2 years ago

    I would sue that school for mental abuse to his child as well as for allowing his child to be bullied.

  • Betty Willis 2 years ago

    That teacher needs to go or put her in with the high school kids. They wouldn’t put up with that. She’s a bully and that school needs a new principal that don’t listen. They can put the child in another class but what about the other kids. This doesn’t make sense to me. FIRE HER ASS.

  • Hillary Mack 2 years ago

    When I was in 3rd grade I had a teacher who was loud, aggressive, cruel, belittling and had class favorites. I loved school up until that time. She would pick on some of the students ( I being one of them), Mercilessly all day everyday any small thing. I was so scared of this teacher that I couldn’t learn, too frighten to try because of the belittling I knew was coming if I failed. Needless to say I hated school from then on, barely graduated high school and refused to go to college. Ruined my future, my life. These kinds of teachers need to be kept in check. I am surprised that I didn’t commit suicide at that young age, it was so bad. Who knows how other children will react, they just might end the pain and suffering. Congratulations on a job well done to these parents. You had your daughters back.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    He has no choice. The police can listen to his recording. Take it to the police did bring charges of abuse ?

  • Sandra McWhorter 2 years ago

    That teacher should be removed. The state should not pay for them to make the starting of school to be so bad . Let the principal baby set the class and see what happens

  • Sandra McWhorter 2 years ago

    That teacher should be removed. The state should not pay for them to make the starting of school to be so bad . Let the principal baby set the class and see what happens
    And tried
    Submit it and it said I already did
    Did not there way of keeping it out

  • Donna Davis 2 years ago

    This teacher should be fired immediately. He was put there to teach, not to scare the children so much that they will hate school and most likley drop out of school early in life.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    She’s yelling, teachers on each side have to hear her. The school knows what she is doing, I’m sure complaints have been made before. I wouldn’t work in an environment where I’m yelled at, no way would I allow my grNdchilren to sit in class and listen to that all day. I’d confront her personally.

  • Phil 2 years ago

    You move your child and the rest of the children are exposed to the abuse and belittling.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I can relate to that child having a fear of going to school years ago I was bullied by another older student. My mom went to the school to complain and it didn’t take long for action. The older student was moved to another class and I stayed where I was . That gave me the confidence to like school again and knew that between my mom and a wise principal they I was going to be okay I went on to be a straight A student all thru school and loved school. Every one involved in situations like that needs to do there job and remember the child s welfare first !! And not just the teachers they are there to guide children first and every thing else is second !!!!

  • Janet Clough 2 years ago

    All the parents need to pull their children out of that class. Before it destroys the children’s self-esteem.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago


  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    It happens more than anyone knows. I’m an educator and my daughter an educator. My granddaughter was being bullied by her teacher. We tried and tried to get it resolved with the principal but the bullying continued. So, given no other choice we pulled her out of public school. It’s so sad when administrators will protect bullying teachers. So sad.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    And this is why I homeschooled my child!!

  • annette alonzo zaguri 2 years ago

    This terrifies me,I’m a mother of a almost for year old and I too am new to Spring Hill,fl if I had heard a teacher talking like that we would have a big problem..and what really gets me is there solution is to move the girl to another class? What about the other children?and the children that come into her class after that? The parents are right she needs to be removed.I would get a lawyer. Also wasn’t isn’t her name being said so other parents know who she is?

  • Henry from Florida 2 years ago

    I am 63 and still have bad memories of teachers I had in second and fourth grade.
    Sounds like a problem with that whole school district.

  • Spring Hill escapee 2 years ago

    Spring Hill, the meth lab of the Pasco/Hernando County area. Why am I not surprised?

  • Kathleen Magana 2 years ago

    My daughter came home from a grade 1-2 class and told me her teacher was a bully. The teacher had slammed a child into her seat and my child was angry.

    The teacher was given a week off with pay.

    I’m a teacher. I have no right to treat any child that way. I don’t believe tenure should cover us for child abuse.

  • CR Whitney 2 years ago

    Pull her out right now! Don’t let an adult torment your child! Kindergarten for heaven’s sake! A 5-year-old doesn’t need to be treated like that.

  • Donnette Dominguez 2 years ago

    This was happening to my grandson in his 1st grade class. I demanded that he be placed in another class immediately. Our children have a right to feel safe in school. After he was moved everything was fine. After that I constantly reminded him that teachers are not allowed to use foul language towards their students. They are not allowed to put their hands on students. And, if he disagrees with a teacher, to do it nicely. I also told him that I would always be there for him.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I am 66 years old and my first grade teacher memories give me nightmares. She was very much like the wicked witch of the West. Her name was Mrs. C——–.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    i can still remember all my children having mrs ray she was amazing my oldest had hard time adjusting we had just moved I was divorced she was so kind and gentle calling me to ket me know he was ok warwick public school in rhode island

  • Cory macintyre 2 years ago

    He should have just started to play the recording, I can just imagine the Barney Miller scene when the dem from the Carter team putting their hands over there ears and scawking.

  • A 2 years ago

    As medical personal she is probably on meds. Not to insinuate that meds are wrong. But I believe there is some psychological issues that have not come to light. Since she is comfortable with her actions means to me she has been at this for some time. I believe psych history should be part of on going backgrounds.
    However, this can leave normal educators in a difficult position. To justify every action to reaction.

  • Lori 2 years ago

    Definitely get the State involved. Now way kids should be treated like that. It’s proof. And Dad did nothing wrong by recording. He checked into laws. This is going to traumatize the child about school. If State gets involved, than for sure they will do something.

  • Nancy Isaac 2 years ago

    She has no business teaching children. Kindergarten is the first step to education and parents want it to be a positive step. Yelling is traumatic to little kids.

  • Mendy Wilson 2 years ago

    She should have been fired. I have my own bad experience with teachers. When I started kindergarten, the teacher I had decided that she was going to be mean; and she hit me. My dad pulled me out at that point and then took the complete to our state’s superintendent of schools, who later had the teacher fired. But it happened a second time when I started the first grade. The teacher took a wooden paddle to me. Although my parents complained the teacher was not fired. But I was moved to the other first grade class at school. As a result of that I didn’t like school, and didn’t do very well academically, although I did graduate. In the endI pulled myself from the public school system and asked to be home schooled the last two years of high school. So all I can say is don’t let them bully you into letting this go. Your child is in school to get a good education, not to be constantly yelled at and bullied.

  • belovedbyHim 2 years ago

    Do not send her another day!! My first grade teacher Was a bully not just verbally but Physically!! She Paddled me in front of the class for not turning in my homework! I was 6 for crying out loud!! I was reading at a 5th grade level but Math and social skills were a challenge. She would sit me in front of the Windows to do my math work that I just didn’t understand at all and watch my classmates playing outside at recess. One day my dad came to class to observe and she set a globe on the counter right next to me and told me not to touch it, My dad looked at her, looked at me and then began to spin it himself. He got it that she was mean and a bully! It took 2 years to undo the damage that woman did!! I encountered her little sister in 4th grade when we moved in Jan and I had to do a full year’s worth of Book reports by the end of the year. I had never done a book report before and had no idea what that meant so near the end of the year when I was in trouble for not doing any I just copied the back of the book…. No teaching just failing marks and public humiliation for something I had no idea about!
    Do NOT leave your child in that setting!! Move her to a different school or at the very least to a different class and play that recording for every parent you come in contact with! As long as it was legal to do so don’t hide! Just because the school and the school board doesn’t want to hear it doesn’t mean everyone else who may encounter her shouldn’t. It may save another child and she may realize that she needs a new profession! It may also encourage the school to remove her if no parent will allow their child to be in her class!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    My boys would lasted one day! Because we would have not put up with that

  • Ashley 1 year ago

    And all you hear about is how teachers deserve more pay and how great teachers are. It varies teacher to teacher. I would say here in Louisville 85% of teachers don’t teach and allows anyone to do what they want even when the students bully or the teacher.

  • Betty 1 year ago

    This article and the comments saddens my heart. I just retired after 30 years of teaching in an elementary school and I have to say that the staff I worked with would never have accepted this type of conduct from a colleague. It is true that every teacher has a different style of teaching, but a code of conduct and professionalism should be expected and required from each teacher. Our school had open classroom doors, drop in visits from administrators and parents, loud voices from a classroom would be a red flag that someone was not meeting the required professional standards If the school and district. Schools that have a code of conduct for educators and enforce the code do not have teachers who bully, harm or create an unhealthy learning environment for their students. I am sorry for every child who has been robbed of the joy of learning by teachers who should not be in education, or by administrators who are not competent enough to make incompetent educators accountable for their actions.

  • Okay 1 year ago

    You are the idiot. She could have been typing this on her phone and made a simple mistake. You must really hate yourself – you’re so bitter.

  • Concerned Parent 1 year ago

    This person has no business being an educator. Any administration that would maintain this person in their employ must be questioned. The administrator should also be questioned. These are children. They are young and impressionable and looking for guidance and knowledge by example as much as by education. This would not be tolerated in many settings so what is so different in Pine Grove Elementary? It is badd enough that the administrator talked it off as a matter of fact before the evidence was presented. Clearly the administration knew there was a problem with this educator. After the evidence was presented she should have been dismissed. A similar situation took place in a school near me. The administrator was approached with the problem and explained it away as something different and by the fault of the child. The father snuck up on the classroom and surveilled the educator in the act. After contacting the board of education and state the state board of education and higher she was eventually removed from teaching in the state. Unfortunately this action came about due to aggressive pursuit by the parents and a legal team. I stand in support of all the children even though some are not easy against any and all adults and educators as well as authority. It is common knowledge and something I personally experienced where adults in a position of authority over a minor exact some form of mental abuse or terrorism. There are worse cases involving physical abuse or worse. The fact remains this person should not be around children or any students in this case. If the school district chooses to protect their own as is sadly common then move her to senior high school.

  • Jenn 11 months ago

    I think this happens in class more than we think. This is scary. I agree tone is everything, but teachers are human and make mistakes. There was a petition to get this teacher removed from class. Not all teachers are sugar and spice. As children, they are learning the important life skills of navigating difficult or unpleasant situations to prepare for the big, bad world. As much as people may argue that this teacher is a bully, some might just say she is strict. Many children are not used to being told to wait or being told the word no, This child is not going to develop any coping skills if she is “rescued” from anything she deems unpleasant. Also, the proper protocol was not followed. They did not contact the teacher first and give her the opportunity to make the situation better, instead, straight to administration. To which, according to other articles, alternatives were proposed, but not accepted by the parents. There is a possibility that she did not realize the effect she was having on those children. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it is a problem. Think about some things that are said by parents. I am sure many are cringeworthy, and they are only dealing with their own child, Times that by 20. It does not mean she does not deserve to be a teacher, it means it is an opportunity to reflect and correct her behavior. You do not know the days and weeks that preceded the recordings. Maybe parents have not been cooperative and she is under pressure to teach these students without the proper supplies, training or support. Everyone is so quick to say fire her, but in her tenure as a teacher, I am sure she has done some pretty tremendous things for many students. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. I wouldn’t want my career judged by one day. I wonder what would happen if all of us were recorded for a day. We may be enlightened about how we conduct our own business. Don’t judge unless you walk a mile. Just my opinion, everyone has got them. Rainbows and Unicorns!!!

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