One dad from Oregan is eagerly anticipating the day his sons will meet someone special.

However, his three never-wed boys have been unsuccessful in their attempts to find a mate, so he thought he could help them out.

Like many parents, Neil is willing to bend over backward just to help his kids move into the next phase of life and start a family. And he had a plan of action.

The dear old dad thought it would be fun to place a dating ad in the New Zealand Herald this week, hoping he could change his unmarried sons’ single statuses by setting them all up on blind dates.

Jenny…head for the hills!! And friends…lock up your daughters…the Americans are coming !!!!

Posted by Kimberley Dixon on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Neil told the Herald:

“I know one of my sons uses these dating sites and is always going on introductory dates and meeting somebody, but he hasn’t had a serious relationship in quite a while.

I decided to help. I have no idea what will happen, but at least we will be able to meet some people.”

The ad read:

Hello Parents. We are from the States (Oregon), visiting your beautiful country. My wife and I have three wonderful, successful, handsome, alas unmarried, sons between the ages of 28-32.

We are not expecting, just hoping, to introduce our sons to nice NZ daughters. At the very least we’ll embarrass our sons and the truth is, we do find some enjoyment in that.

This father wants his adult boys to meet someone while traveling and they had no idea he placed the classified or that the dating ad has 200 responses.

Commenters had mixed reactions to the ad. One person joked on Yahoo’s comment thread:

What a great idea. Perhaps I could put in an ad too …

However, others worry that by playing matchmaker, the dad might offend his children:

Let’s just say that if I were the sons, I would not be speaking to my father ever again.

Sheesh! Let them find their own dates!!!

After the ad was published Wednesday, Neil said:

“I am sure they will be surprised and annoyed, but I am sure they will laugh.

We have a good relationship and are always joking with each other. They know I am a little unusual in that regard.

But I would just be happy if my kids have a happy, healthy relationship.”

According to the Herald, if things “go well” and a lasting relationship is developed, Neil would like his daughter-in-laws to live nearby.

Have you ever helped your kids search for a mate? What do you think of dad’s attempt to help his kids find love?

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