It’s been over a week since Oklahoma dad David Corsaut was reunited with his three girls after his ex-wife, Destiny, vanished without a trace and took the girls with her.


Over the July 4 weekend, David, who shares custody with Destiny but is the girls’ custodial guardian, went to pick up his daughters at Destiny’s home when there was no answer.

Destiny was also failing to respond to the father’s attempts to contact her.

David called the police, who performed a welfare check. Again, there was no answer at Destiny’s home.

When David returned the following day in hopes of retrieving his girls, 3-year-old Anastachiah (Annie), 2-year-old Melaniey, and 5-year-old Izabella (Izzy), the door to their mother’s Chickasha apartment was open, and the house was “trashed.”

David immediately called the police, who began searching for the missing mother and her three children:

The last time anyone in the community had seen Destiny was the night before their July 4 disappearance. Destiny left her shift at the local Dollar General around 11 p.m. and picked up her kids at their babysitter’s between 11:30 p.m. and midnight.

Strangely, on the day David discovered Destiny’s ransacked apartment, her purse, keys, cellphone, and other belongings were left behind. Of the few things missing were the girls’ car seats, but the mother’s car was noticeably parked in the lot outside.

Chickasha Police Department

In the weeks that followed, David spoke to reporters about his missing family in a bid to find Destiny and bring his girls home. Among the details authorities released to the public were full descriptions of Destiny and the three girls.

Investigators noted Destiny’s lip piercings, eyebrow piercing, and tattoos, describing her as 5’2″ and weighing approximately 120 pounds; however, authorities believed she could have changed her hair color and appearance.

Chickasha Police Department

Her daughters’ hair color, eye color, height, and weight were also shared with the public, in addition to distinctive details such as the birthmark on Izzy’s cheek and her pink glasses, and Melaniey’s pigeon-toed walk.

Isabella (Izzy):

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Anastachiah (Annie):

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Melaniey (Mel):

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Finally, after weeks of searching, Destiny and the girls were found in Oklahoma City on July 23.

*** LOCATED ***This young mother and her young children were located in Oklahoma City, OK on July 23, 2017….

Posted by Chickasha Police Department on Thursday, July 6, 2017

It was reported that since the investigation was ongoing, limited details surrounding their disappearance would be released to the public.

Lt. Scott Weaver of the Chickasha Police Department said at the time:

“Investigation into their disappearance continues and further details will be released as they become available. The Chickasha Police Department would like to thank everyone for their efforts, prayers, and assistance in locating Ms. Corsaut and her children.”

According to KFOR, David called their finding “surreal”:

“You’re stressed out, you’re worried, all you can think about is where are they? Every minute feels like an hour.”

Relieved, David is now fighting for answers from police and his ex-wife about why the girls were taken and what happened while they were gone. He told KFOR he is not pressing his daughters for answers and that they haven’t said much about it.

Among the biggest questions he would like answered is why Destiny dramatically changed their daughters’ appearance while they were missing:

As KFOR reports, David barely recognized the girls when he was reunited with them:

“Their hair was dyed jet black, had been cut, and their eyebrows were jet black even. Even their glasses had been painted a different color.

That was kind of upsetting, which I mean it was the least of our concern at the time but, still, why was their hair black?”

David fears about having to turn his daughters over into the care of his ex-wife ever again:

“They’re back, and I’m just kind of happy they’re back. But, there’s still a little worry there. What exactly did happen, you know? Do I have to worry about this again? How does this play out for the rest of the time now?”

No arrests have been made since Destiny and her children were discovered, and no charges have been reported against the mother; however, the case is still under investigation, so charges can still be brought against her.

According to KFOR, David is seeking legal action to postpone court-ordered visits between Destiny and her three girls. If he refuses to let Destiny see her children before then, he could be found in contempt.

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