One supportive husband took time to praise all the super moms out there for their endless dedication after he found his wife passed out on the floor.

Peter Bristow’s wife must not get the luxury of sleep-ins or a restful nap in a bed because one day he saw a pair of feet in the doorway of his sons’ room and made a startling discovery.

Bristow said one moment his wife was changing a diaper then within minutes she was nowhere to be found and he thought, “where the heck is [mom]?”

He explained the photo in a Facebook post.

To all the mums out there who are just spent…Sometimes you just need to stop.My wife was shattered (this pic was…

Posted by Peter Bristow Personal Training and Online Fitness Coach on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

He said:

I had wrangled the boys into their highchairs and had their food in front of them. And finally all was quiet … too quiet. Where the heck is mum I thought.

Bristow continued:

She must be tidying the [boy’s] room … Then after a few minutes more … she still hadn’t emerged from the bedroom … I decided to see what she was doing. All I could see was a pair of feet in the doorway. My heart started beating …

Is she even alive …

The dad’s sleep deprived wife was very much still breathing but exhausted. She emerged 20 minutes later after a nap.

Bristow said that day he learned the true reality of his wife’s hard work at home. He said, “sometimes you just need to stop” and take a break.

Posted by Peter Bristow Personal Training and Online Fitness Coach on Sunday, February 24, 2019

So Bristow lovingly placed a pillow under his wife’s head and covered her with a blanket as slept on the carpet. In response to the post one mom said:

Beautiful. Thank you for giving her the time she needed and the cushion and blanket. I find this incredibly sweet.

Another mom wrote:

This inspired me to ask my husband for a sleep in this weekend!

Bristow said it was nice to see his wife “just stop” and rest.

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  • Ruth Landschoot 2 years ago

    He is one super husband I really don’t think guys understand how exhausted us moms get I think back how did I do this I even worked a full time job and I was on my feet for 12 hrs at work I’m a nurse and came home to three wee ones pick them up from day care get dinner laundry and the list goes on and my husband worked at his job plus he worked as a part time cop wow

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