Edgar the 4-year-old hound-mix was labeled “unadoptable” by a West Virginia shelter. Now, the family who took him home anyway says he repaid them in a big way.

Thom Lambert, a father of three from Franklin County, told Fox 43 that the rescue dog potentially saved his children from an accused kidnapper who entered their home.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of April 28 when the family was asleep.

Lambert told PennLive that Edgar was in their bedroom “started losing his mind.” No matter what the father did, he couldn’t stop the dog from barking and growling.

That’s when he heard footsteps running down the stairs.

The father explained:

“It was obvious he was really upset and as soon as I got him to quit barking I heard sounds of someone going down the stairs.”

Lambert saw the front door open when he went downstairs and grabbed two knives for protection. Then he sprinted upstairs to check on his three daughters.

Thankfully, they were still asleep in bed, PennLive reports. The family called 911, and police made sure the home was clear.

A 20-year-old man was arrested days later for allegedly kidnapping a 4-year-old girl from just down the street.

Thomas Dewald allegedly locked the child away in a chest, but she managed to escape while he was at work.

And police say he admitted to scoping out the Lamberts’ home to check for children. The father said his family’s “hearts really dropped” when they realized the kids could have been in danger.

Thankfully, something scared off Dewald that night — Edgar the dog.

Police say Dewald took off when he heard Edgar barking and growing. Now, the family says they couldn’t be more thankful for the hound-mix.

The father told Fox 43:

“Without Edgar genuinely who knows where our daughters would be right now. Our family was one hundred percent rescued by our dog that we rescued.”

The family hopes their story will encourage more people to adopt.

Watch the video below:

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