Whether it’s a disagreement about disciplining their young ones or a spat about what food their kids should eat, parents simply aren’t going to agree on everything.

But the fear of having a disease-sickened child is causing lots of tension in one household.

In a recent Reddit post, one dad said anti-vaxxer scare tactics have backfired with his wife, and she refuses to give their child any other vaccines — because apparently she’s the mother and she knows best, according to the dad’s own words.

The anonymous user said that despite research that debunks the “anti-vax” viewpoint, the more his wife reads “Facebook indoctrination” the more vehement she becomes about not vaccinating their child.

For the dad, however, the risks outweigh the perceived benefits but his wife is fighting against vaccines, and it’s apparently making him frustrated. He explains:

I love my wife but she somehow manages to be the most stubborn individual on the planet while simultaneously being the most gullible and malleable.

Shortly after birth (because this was pre-brainwashing) our child received her Vitamin K shot, and the Hep-B vaccine. However, now she’s refusing to give our child any of the other vaccines.

The husband has tried to persuade his wife to take their child to the doctor and complete her shots but she refuses. He continues:

She won’t budge and hasn’t budged for weeks now. Our arguments are devolving into the same tired routine over and over again and I’m worried that the only thing which will wake her up is our child being afflicted by some horrible disease like measles which could’ve been easily avoided.

Now he says he’s beyond frustrated and is considering getting the rest of the child’s shots without his wife’s permission.

The worried father asked the online forum if he should go behind his wife’s back in order to do what he thinks is best for his child’s future. He wrote:

Is there any way I can sneakily just bring my child to the doctor and have her vaccinated without my wife’s knowledge?

What are my options here?

Legally speaking, what kind of leeway do I have? I don’t want this to lead to divorce but I just feel quite lost at the moment.

Many commenters weighed in with a few sharp comments. One person wrote:

Right now you’re married and both have equal say in your child’s care. That also means there is absolutely nothing preventing you from taking your child to a doctor and having her vaccinated.

That might mean you wind up with a divorce. It also means your child won’t, you know, die of measles.

According to the post, his wife has dismissed vaccine statistics as falsified reports “created” by “big-pharma” companies.

In an updated post, the father said that he hasn’t gotten his child vaccinated yet.

Do you think he should get their daughter vaccinated without his wife’s permission?

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9 Replies to “Dad Says He Can’t Convince His Wife to Vaccinate Their Kid — He’s Wondering if He Should Go Behind Her Back”

  • Anna 2 years ago

    I agree with vaccinations but do not agree with hiding it behind the mother’s back. It is her child and has a say. Even if you don’t like or agree with her. Best thing for you to do is try and educate her on the benefits of vacs and hear her out why she is refusing them. Ask her to speak to a professional and then make up her mind then.

    • Sue 2 years ago

      Have you ever dealt with a nut case like this? She WON’T talk to a professional, she WON’T read real life data. She has her fingers stuck in her ears yelling LA LA LA LA LA

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    He should watch the movie Vaxxed. The rate at which kids are getting autism due to poisonous vaccinations, which are unnecessary, is alarming. Every parent should be concerned! Going behind his wife’s back is not wise.

    • Sue 2 years ago

      The autism thing was debunked years and years ago. Join the nut case up there

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I think if something happens to this child and it contracts a disease, the two parents should be held responsible child neglect!

  • Dee 2 years ago

    In my opinion sir, it would be best for you and your wife to sit down and choose a doctor that you both know and trust. Make an appointment to discuss the pro & cons with the doctor and voice your concerns, then maybe you can come to an agreement on how to proceed, but you both need to keep an open mind and listen, truly listen to each others concerns.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Find news coverage of the whooping cough and polio epidemics. Show her children in iron lungs.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I have 7 Children and 8 Grandchildren they all have been Vaccinated and as an adult i keep up with my shots as to not have them catch anything from me!

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