Ohio dad Greggory Eichhorn and his wife have adopted nine special needs children together, and he wanted to make sure last weekend’s snowfall was fun for them all.

The father constructed a snow fort in their backyard just like the ones he built as a kid. He made sure to build it big enough for his wheelchair-bound children to enjoy.

Eichhorn told Fox2Now:

“We built a bigger igloo, one that had a handicap-accessible hole so Elijah and Zahara could experience it. Because I did when I was a kid.”

One of the dad’s friends saw the igloo and decided to share Eichhorn’s handiwork on Reddit.

My buddy Gregg built this handicap accessible snow fort for his daughter from r/pics

The Reddit post quickly went viral and the father earned applause from social media users. One commenter wrote:

What an inspiring family! As the mother of 3 kids without special needs, I’m amazed at the unending patience and love this family must have. Their lives must be so exhausting yet rewarding.

Another said:

Look at that smile! It must feel so good as a dad to bring a smile like that to your kid’s face.

Others called Eichhorn an “A+ dad.” However, he was just doing something fun for his family, he said:

“I didn’t feel like a big deal. All of our kids, since they come from different places, we love adoption and kids with special needs.”

He hopes that the story going viral will inspire others to adopt special needs children. He told Fox2Now:

“Our family is getting kind of full and it would be great if people stepped up, took on the same roles and enjoyed the kind of joy that we do. Because yeah, we get a lot of joy out of life.”

So far, the post has over 71,000 upvotes on Reddit.

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One Reply to “Dad Earns Praise For Building Handicap-Accessible Snow Fort For His Special Needs Children”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    He is a good man & is a reason his children will turn out to be great dads & moms themselves! What a blessing for his kids! He is truly a deserving dad!

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