Twelve years ago, Zach Kincaid’s wife, Krystil, said “I do,” and Zach said it was the best moment that ever happened to him.

Today, the husband and father of four is putting his unimaginable grief into something positive after a drunk driver killed his pregnant wife and unborn child in a head-on crash back in September, KTVU reported.

Zach is now pleading with California lawmakers to increase DUI penalties because the intoxicated professional boxer who sped and crashed into his wife’s jeep was only sentenced to 10 years, according to his petition.

Posted by Zach Kincaid on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Zach wrote in his appeal to lawmakers:

A drunk driver speeding down a two lane highway at 85+mph in the wrong lane around a blind corner destroyed my family.

The max sentence for killing my wife and daughter is 10 years.

He continued:

The state of California doesn’t think there was intent, but I know driving recklessly in that manner, he didn’t intend anything good …

The grieving husband went on to explain that his late wife was 36 weeks pregnant— his daughter’s due date was yesterday, October 9.

Krystil Kincaid & Family GoFundMe

In a compelling demand for change, Zach wrote:

How do I explain to my children this injustice.

[…] Look at the devastation left behind that is my family and tell me it isn’t time for change … imagine if this was your family … Who will fight with me for change?

Who will spread this like wild fire? Who will write their representatives and demand change? We cannot as a society look the other way any longer.

Driving drunk is intent.

The father of one daughter from a previous relationship and two boys and one daughter with his late wife is asking the people of his state and community to spread the message.

According to Zach, the drunk driver’s potential maximum sentence was reduced because the state of California doesn’t consider a 36-week-old unborn baby a person.

Watch the video below to learn more about the tragic event that took his wife and unborn daughter:

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One Reply to “Drunk Driver Killed Pregnant Wife and Unborn Child. Dad Says ’10 Years Max’ Isn’t Enough for Ruining a Family”

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    I absolutely agree that if you drink and get in a car you intend to do harm. He murdered two innocent people and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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