A Hagerstown, Maryland father is outraged over a misunderstanding at E. Russell Hicks Middle School.

Rasheem Tazewell told Yahoo his son walked 40 minutes to school in below-freezing temperatures because the boy’s school didn’t follow its official suspension policy.

On January 31, the dad found out 14-year-old Tymier Tazewell had been walking to school for three days after he was kicked off his school bus for being in an altercation that involved his sister.

Tymier said he was protecting her against a bully.

However, they never told their parents that he got in trouble over the incident.


It wasn’t until the school called home to report the boy late that his parents learned he had been prohibited from riding the school bus. Rasheem said:

“I thought he was cutting class, but when I called back to get more information, I was told he arrived. The school had a late start that day, so it made sense he was late.”

But later on that evening he received another call from Tymier’s mother and discovered the boy wasn’t riding the bus because of a three-day disciplinary referral.


His dad recalled:

“When I found out, his body was aching from the cold, so I drew a bath for him.”

On Friday, Rasheem spoke with the school about his safety concerns.


He told WCPS:

“Well the vice principal called him in the office told him he had referrals for the incident on Monday never contacted me or his mother so my son had to walk home.

He needs to be spoken for and he needs justice for what happened to him because anything could have happened to him and their care.”

Rasheem also took to Facebook to vent his frustrations on the same day. He wrote:

As a parent seeing your kid hurt is the hardest thing to bear, seeing him trying to hold back tears of hurt, embarrassment, being humiliated because he was following directions from a teacher. I can’t even believe my lil man just went through this. This really broke me, no kid should have been through what he did in a state of emergency. No matter what I got his back to the end.

According to Washington County Public Schools, it’s unclear what happened and the district is looking into the situation.

His dad claims the vice principal tried to contact Tymier’s mother but didn’t have an updated number on file.

Watch the video below:

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2 Replies to “Dad Upset After School Doesn’t Tell Him About Bus Suspension. Son Walks in Freezing Temps to Keep It a Secret”

  • MariaRose 2 years ago

    It would be nice if the whole story was told not just highlights. First of all, there was an altercation in the school bus, which means that an immediate reaction occurred with a suspension from the school bus until the parents informed. (usually, after the parents come in for a meeting at the school, the student is allowed back on the bus). Every school year, the parents have to fill out paperwork to update current needed information (sent home through homeroom class). Whatever happened the school never received the updated paperwork so if the school called anyone, they didn’t have the right information.
    Also, the young man didn’t even tell either of his parents until days later, no reasons given in the article. Teenagers tend to do that. Everyone involved has some explaining to do.

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