Anthony Woodbury only turned away from his daughter for a few seconds. But that’s all it took.

According to Kidspot, the dad from Portarlington, Australia was in the middle of a morning ritual with his 4-year-old daughter Savannah. They were making orange juice when Anthony turned around to throw away the orange peels.

Screenshot/7 News

As he told 7 News:

“I took the peels off the bench, turned to put them in the bin, and heard a crunch noise.”

In those few seconds, Savannah had managed to get her hand caught in the juicer.

Anthony could tell it wasn’t a minor injury, but to his surprise, the preschooler wasn’t crying. He told BAY 93.9 he was impressed by how brave Savannah was:

“All she said was, ‘I hope my fingers don’t die, Dad.’ Not a tear.”

It was a grisly scene. Savannah had ripped off her fingertip and had a large cut across her palm. Her mother told 7 News that she still remembers how bad it looked as the family called paramedics:

“I’m still not dealing with it now — every time I walk in that kitchen, I see blood.”

Savannah was rushed to the local hospital with her hand still stuck in the juicer. There, doctors performed surgery to stitch up the gash on her hand and reattached the tip of her ring finger.

Fortunately, there will be no long-term effects from the accident. Savannah is even willing to get back in the kitchen again. Her father told 7 News how lucky they were under the circumstances:

“There’s about 40 major things in her hand she could have got, she missed them all apart from a couple of nerves.”

He added that she will get the feeling back in her hand eventually.

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