A father in Kentucky who lost his daughter to a drug overdose wanted to avenge her death by capturing the potential criminals with help from police.

Billy Miles decided to take matters into his own hands by setting up the drug dealers who sold a deadly dose of heroin to his 21-year-old daughter, Ashley Miles, on February 2, reports WAVE.

Billy told the station that the pain of the loss is overwhelming but that he had to make things right as a father.


He recalled the incident:

“When I found her that Saturday morning, it was like, ‘Man, there’s gotta be a way to catch these guys.'”

Billy said he and Ashley both struggled with drug addiction over the last few years. Billy is now clean, but his daughter was unable to kick her addiction.

The father said it was the scariest day of his life when he found the 21-year-old unconscious in her room. He explained:

“Going upstairs and going in her room and seeing her, it just — it was like a nightmare waiting to wake up. I was just waiting to wake up. And I never would wake up.”

So on the morning of her death, he devised a plan with two local police departments to organize a sting operation. He said:

“So, we got her cell phone and started scrolling through the cell phone, and we seen this number that popped up six, seven times in a row right within a half hour.”

The number called back, and one of Ashley’s friends pretended to ask for more heroin. Miles said:

The Shepherdsville Police Department and the Lousiville Metro Police Department captured two suspects, Tawain McDowell, 18, and Aaron Shelton, 27. The two men were arrested and charged with the possession of and intent to distribute heroin.


Shelton also faces a charge of conspiracy to distribute heroin causing death after police and Miles coordinated the operation to purchase heroin from the two men connected to the phone number.

Miles said that he hopes by capturing the criminals, he helped save one person from Ashley’s fate. The dad explained:

“This ain’t nothing to joke with. Somebody’s dying every day. I lost my best friend, my daughter. And I hurt. I really do. And I just, try to keep going for her.”

The drug dealers could face a prison term of 20 years to life without parole.

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