Peter Williams is a 6-foot-tall man riding a tiny pink child’s bicycle.
The 43-year-old father is riding the bike all over England — but it’s for a good cause.
The British dad decided to ride 200 miles for the Brain Tumour Charity in memory of his late daughter, Ellie.
The 7-year-old, who died of a rare brain tumor, received the pink bike as a Christmas present while battling cancer, reports SWNS.
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Ellie tragically died three years ago on April 4, 2015. She was only briefly able to enjoy riding her new bike before she got seriously ill. Williams said:
“She loved cycling and learned to ride a bike without stabilizers [training wheels] when she was just 3. I’ll never forget how happy and proud she looked of herself — nearly as proud as I was!
Ellie was doing poorly when she got the bike for Christmas, but she was blown away and couldn’t wait to take it out. I’ve got vivid memories of her riding the bike over the bridge near our home.”
The little girl was diagnosed with a highly aggressive brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) in October 2014 after she was treated for an eye problem.
Her parents noticed that her eye looked “a bit strange.” Williams explained:
“It sometimes looked boss-eyed and pointed inwards a little.
At first, we put it down to her just being silly and playing around like kids do — she was often pulling funny faces.”

The tumor was inoperable because it was in her brain stem. Her inturned eye had been caused by her tumor, so she hadn’t been messing around pulling funny faces at all.”

Doctors gave the child six to 12 months to live — the tumor was inoperable.
The grieving dad lost his daughter, but wanted to raise money to support brain tumor research. One day, while cleaning up his garage, he noticed the miniature bike and was struck by a bright idea.
Just Giving
Williams embarked on a week-long challenge in memory of his daughter. Williams said:
“It was a light bulb moment. Ellie would have thought I was a bit bonkers doing it.”
He has already doubled his $13,000 goal.

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