In late August, Bob Staub took his 14-year-old son, Nick, and his friends to Tunica Lake along the Mississippi-Arkansas border for a fishing trip.

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Staub ran into trouble while he was trying to take his boat out of the water. When the gears of his SUV got stuck, the dad told WMC that he went under the car to “manually fix the problem.”

He realized too late that he forgot to pull the emergency brake.

That seemingly insignificant lapse of judgment resulted in the car tire rolling onto Staub’s head. He was left unconscious and “stuck in between the concrete and truck tire.”


Jumping into action, Nick recalled how:

“I started pushing, and [my friends] immediately jumped out of the boat.”

His two friends, Riley Goff and Paul Husband, went to work right beside Nick, using all their strength to push the truck off Bob.

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Bob regained consciousness and was left without any major injuries. However, he knows he has his teenage son to thank for saving his life. Of the boys, Bob said:

“These three kids had enough sense to make some right decisions.”

He added:

“My head was three inches from the tire.”


Nick is grateful they were able to think quickly. He said to Inside Edition:

“I was just thinking, ‘get the car off his head.’ I wasn’t thinking what could happen. Once I realized later… it could’ve been really bad.”

He added that he, “feel[s] lucky that [his dad is] still here.”

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