A Netmums user took to the internet to vent about her frustration with her ex-husband after he went against her wishes.

The mother’s ex and the father of her child had their 9-week-old daughter’s ears pierced without her consent:

I have never liked the thought of piercing a baby’s ears – not that I would ever judge someone based on this – and I have never wanted any children I had to have their ears pierced until they were able to ask me themselves.

The mom said she and her ex-husband had a discussion about piercing the baby’s ears a few weeks prior:

I said that I didn’t think piercings were for babies and that she can have them pierced when she is old enough to ask me.

Her ex, however, thought the baby would “look cute” with her ears pierced.

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So, despite the mom not wanting to pierce their daughter’s ears, the dad reportedly got the 9-week-old’s ears pierced during one of their overnight visits.

The mom claimed the 9-week-old appeared to be in pain when she returned home:

He brought her home to me at 5 p.m. and left as quickly as possible, pushing the pram through the door shouting a quick “she’s grumpy, have fun” and then shot out the door.

It was the way their daughter was screaming that led the mom to believe something else bothering her little girl:

She was full on screaming like I had never heard before! I got her immediately and gave her a cuddle, when taking her hat off I realized what was bothering her!..I can’t believe he would do that behind my back and run off before I could confront him!

She wrote that she tried to remove the earrings, but it hurt the baby:

He purposely caused her pain for absolutely no reason. He won’t tell me the place where he got them done and I’m scared to death that it wasn’t someone who was trained and my poor baby is going to get an infection from this.

The upset mom eventually confronted the dad about getting the baby’s ears pierced. He allegedly responded by saying, “told you she would look cute.”

Some of the other moms on the site suggested that she get her daughter’s piercings checked out by a medical professional:

I would make an appointment with the doc to check over and remove them. I think it’s child abuse, and a poor reflection on his parenting.

I would be fuming like you and not trusting him to look after her again. Can you get a doctor to remove them? They could use some anaesthetic or something. Poor little munchkin, can’t stand the thought of a baby being put through pain like that. He’s totally irresponsible.

How would you feel if your ex-husband or significant other got your baby’s ears pierced, even though they knew you had reservations about it?

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One Reply to “Mother is Furious When She Learns Dad Gets 9-Week-Old Daughter’s Ears Pierced Without Telling Her First”

  • David 2 years ago

    It is illegal to put Tattoos on young children. It should also be illegal to have them pierced in ANY way untill the are about 8 to 10 yers old and ask for the piercing themselves! Plus if this mom has full custody of the child she might be able to have the dad arrested on a battery on a child charge.

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