Phunn Dad, otherwise known as Chris Hall, is a stay-at-home dad who decided that the key to having fun is living a happy and healthy lifestyle. It was because of that epiphany — and the inspiration he got from being a dad of two — that motivated him to work towards becoming a healthier version of himself.

In September 2014, Hall weighed 248 pounds, by October 2015, he got down to 183 pounds, before climbing back up to 229 pounds over the next ten months. But in a new Facebook post, Hall admits that he wasn’t able to “find motivation strong enough to give it [his] all.”

Chris Hall/Facebook

By the start of 2017, Hall decided to give his healthy lifestyle another try. This time he dug deep and went all in.

His post continued by explaining that a person will eventually reach a point in their fitness journey “where the pounds aren’t going to fall off just by eating right.” When this happens, “it is time to start exercising.” He wrote:

I started exercising regularly in April 2017, but after a month of routines I hit that hard spot where you really need to put the effort in and I quit. The end of December is when I really decided to go all in and the results have been incredible.

The father said it was when he decided to turn fitness into a game that really allowed him to reach his goals. So far, Hall is down 85 pounds.

Chris Hall/Facebook

In another Facebook post, Hall revealed that he uses the “Samsung Health app” to help track his daily progress:

I went from sitting 10 hours in front of the TV a day to not even sitting to eat. Anyone who has seen me in the last year can account for that one. I currently sit 5,433rd out of 1,168,552 people competing in the month of January for most steps. That is 640,844 steps so far for the month of January.

My goal by the end of 2018 is to have 1 month with at least 1 million steps. Gaming leaderboards are everywhere and I’ve never made it in the top 1 percent on any of them. But now that I have turned life into a game, I found my spot on the leaderboard. I think 1 million steps in a month is achievable if I really motivate myself. I have 11 tries to get there. The average Samsung Health user gets 1,695,836 steps in a whole calendar year. My impossible goal, just like my goal to get to 165 lbs, is to do that in 1 month.

Other companies, such as Apple, also have their own health-tracking software.

Hall also admitted that his fitness journey hasn’t only benefited him, but his two kids—aged three and six—as well.

In a post on Reddit, Hall explained that as a stay-at-home dad, his children are often part of his daily workout routine, which has coincidentally “conditioned” them to enjoy physical activity at the same time. He wrote, in part:

My story has changed my children’s lives for the better. I encourage everyone to spend 5 to 15 minutes a day stretching, running, rolling, or bouncing. After just a month your kids will be conditioned to include exercise in their daily life. Inspiring my children motivates me to push forward.

Hall uses both YouTube and Facebook to share videos of some of the fun physical activities he does with his children:

Hall told Dearly:

“I started doing the videos and post to help keep a couple friends motivated that just started their weight loss journey. I had no idea my kids were going to start randomly joining me. It was a long journey for me and I still have goals, they just have been upgraded.

I just want to show people that kids are people, not pets. I raise my children to be better than me.”

He added, “I am not a perfect parent, but I try to be, and I believe that is what counts.”

You can watch one of the dad’s YouTube videos below:

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