A flat tire had an Oklahoma City dad walking home on foot. Billy Johnson was headed home when he was confronted by a dog.

Johnson told KOKH:

“The bulldog started chasing me. And I decided, well I can’t outrun it. So I decided to jump this fence.”

However, something disturbing was waiting for him on the other side. Johnson recalled:

“I just seen a skull, had the teeth missing. Still had dry skin on the side of the skull and everything is what I saw, but I didn’t stick around to see if I could find anything else.”

Despite his quick glance at the skull, Johnson hasn’t been able to shake the image. He sees it every time he tries to go to sleep.


Johnson led police officers to the spot in question Saturday. At the time, the grass was chest high but was cut shortly after in an attempt to aid the investigation. Investigators said additional body parts were “scattered” all over the field.

Oklahoma City Police Department Officer Megan Morgan said:

“Officers were out there. They did extensive search in the area to make sure they could collect all of the evidence that they could find, which included remains that were found in several different places within that field.”

Police are not yet sure of the age and sex of the victim, nor how long the remains had been in the field.


Every blue flag placed in the field represented a body part. They were scattered across the field for yards.

As for Johnson, he’s just hoping “justice will be served soon.”

“I have kids of my own, you know,” he said. “That’s somebody’s kid they’re missing. Hopefully, they can find out who it is and who it belongs to.”

Watch the video below, via KOKH.

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