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Dad Fatally Hits Toddler While Leaving Parking Lot. He Assumed Mom Put the Child Inside Car Before Driving Off

Dad Fatally Hits Toddler While Leaving Parking Lot. He Assumed Mom Put the Child Inside Car Before Driving Off

A 3-year-old has died after he was accidentally run over by his dad in a Waffle House parking lot in Brandon, Florida.

WTSP reports, police say Jeremiah Rios’ parents were leaving the restaurant around 9:45 p.m. on Tuesday when the toddler’s dad, Guillermo Junior Montoya Rios, and mom had both mistakenly believed the other parent had placed the child inside the SUV before driving off.

Guillermo started to drive away in his 2007 Chevy Tahoe when the vehicle’s front right tire struck the boy, causing severe head injuries.

According to investigators, neither alcohol or drugs contributed to the accident, reports the Tampa Bay Times.


The little boy was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Following the incident Danny Alvarez, Public Information Officer with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, urged parents to slow down when transporting kids to and from the car.

Alvarez explained:

“It’s too late for this family and had the most tragic outcome but if in the future, if we could just ask parents, slow down, make sure you’ve got everybody.

We know we get caught up in our day but slow down and we can prevent a tragedy.”

According to the child car safety organization Kids and Cars, every week, at least 50 children are backed over by a vehicle.

The organization wrote in December 2018, that “you cannot avoid hitting something you cannot see,” after the late Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali, opened up about a minor parking lot accident due to a vehicle blind zone last year.

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Some experts say installing a 360-view camera car system is the best way to prevent a tragic accident.

It’s unclear if charges have been filed against Jeremiah’s parents.

Watch the video below:

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  • What I think is that IF The parents are charged for any of this, it only adds suffering to an already suffering family. Leave them to grieve, for pity’s sake!

  • As my grandmother would say, “don’t assume; find out for sure.” It all goes to show that we need to be fully aware of our surroundings.

  • I will always fault the parent for killing their child by running them over! How fucking hard is it to turn your lazy ass head around and “LOOK” in the back seat????? I’m so tired of people killing their kids because of negligence on their part, it sickens me!!!

  • How many other kids were in the car that they didn’t notice one missing? You never drive away until all seat belts are fastened. Why was parents so distracted? Lots of questions!

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