A toddler was playing innocently while his father slept in bed. Then tragedy struck.

According to Fox 2, the boy ended up with a loaded gun in his hand, and then there was a bang.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the 2-year-old wasn’t pointing the gun at himself when he pulled the trigger. He was aiming at his father, Darrion Noble, when the gun went off, shooting his dad in the neck and ultimately ending his life.

Noble was the only adult home at the time of the shooting. His toddler, his two young daughters, and a 13-year-old child were all at the house at the time. The 13-year-old ran to a neighbor’s house for help after the gun went off.

His cousin, Travis Hollins, claims Noble had the gun that cost him his life in the home for “family protection.”

Another cousin, Stephanie Smith, pointed out that gun safety needs to be a priority, no matter why you have one in the home:

“Even if you have it to protect your family, make sure you have it put away.”

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 1.7 million children live with a gun in their homes. Of those homes, one in every three contains loaded, unlocked guns.

Now, the little boy who accidentally killed his father is left wondering where his daddy is. Smith said:

“His dad normally puts him in the tub, and when we put him in the tub yesterday, he asked for his daddy.”

While relatives say it was Noble’s gun, police have not confirmed the owner or if it was legally owned.

The organization Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice is trying to prevent more gun tragedies from happening by handing out free gun locks and educating people about gun safety through its Lock It for Love program to keep children living in homes with guns safe.

See the organization’s tips below:

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