Ian Gregorio’s yard is adorned with colorful plastic toys for his young son. But one of his neighbors wants them gone.

As WHDH reports, 3-year-old Rylan Gregorio has autism. That’s why his father specially arranged a selection of colorful toys and play equipment for Rylan on the front lawn of their home in Milton, Massachusetts.

The idea is to help stimulate Rylan, and the set-up on the lawn has done exactly that. Ian told WHDH that his son loves being in the yard and waving to people as he climbs and plays:

“The sheer joy on his face when playing is what I live for.”

However, Ian didn’t know one of his neighbors had a major issue with the play set-up until he got an anonymous letter.

The unsigned message from one of Ian’s neighbors called the play area “an eyesore to the neighborhood.” The neighbor even suggested the set-up was “unsanitary” and demanded the toys be removed:

Hey hoarders! Give the proud property owners here in Milton a break and remove all the dumpster diving children’s play stuff you have scattered all over your lawn.

And the anonymous neighbor didn’t just send a letter, Ian also received a visit from the town’s Board of Health. There had been a complaint about the Gregorios’ yard, so an inspector came out to take photos of the property.

The dad told WHDH he was “in shock” when he read the letter and “couldn’t believe” that someone would have that kind of reaction to a play area for a 3-year-old. Ian said he doesn’t understand why his lawn sparked the anonymous complaint:

“This is a couple play structures. Maybe there is a lot. I disagree. I wish I had this when I was younger.”

Fortunately, the town determined that there were no problems with the Gregorio lawn.

Officially, the toys can stay, and Ian told WHDH that he isn’t planning to remove the play set-up. While the anonymous neighbor might be unhappy about it, his son comes first:

“You want the best for your son and for your children to have fun and then you kind of sit there and go, ‘Well, what am I doing wrong?’ Is this really that wrong?”

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3 Replies to “Dad Designs Play Area for Special Needs Son in Front Yard. Now a Neighbor Is Trying to Get It Removed”

  • Mindy 9 months ago

    Why is it a big deal it is for his baby shut up deal with it

  • nancy reed 9 months ago

    Neighbor needs to mind his own business dont like it move its not bad play area and he has a right to do what he wants for his child he probably hates children and animals if he has nothing better to do then complain about that when its done in love for a child its not hurting anybody and does not bring the value of neighbors property down so get life, live and let live.

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Dad Designs Play Area for Special Needs Son in Front Yard. Now a Neighbor Is Trying to Get It Removed

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