English father Neil Markham was excited to take his 16-year-old daughter to see their favorite soccer team play on April 27, but now he’s speaking out in her defense after she was ridiculed online.

It started when the dad posted a video of Ella, who has Down syndrome, dancing and enjoying herself at the game on Twitter.

Alongside the cheerful video of his daughter, Markham wrote that the outcome of the Tottenham Hotspur match against West Ham wasn’t what was important.

Soon enough, hateful comments about the 16-year-old started flooding in.

Many of the comments included derogatory terms for people with Down syndrome.

Markham responded to many of the Twitter users directly and even gave out his phone number. Eventually, he posted a tweet to all of his followers in response to the ridicule.

He tweeted:

This is Ella. Im not asking you to say how beautiful she is or for you to like the post. All I really want after tonight is to treat her as a normal person who would smile at you and doesn’t deserve to have have fun poked at her.

Markham also added that he may leave Twitter after seeing what social media users had to say about his daughter.

He wrote:

I posted a video of my daughter enjoying herself….since then she has been a figure of fun and ridicule to some…..not what I joined Twitter for. Maybe it’s not for me

Thankfully, some social media users spoke out in support of the father. Many applauded the dad for standing up to the users bullying his daughter on Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote:

A proud Dad & rightly so. A lovely girl. Haters are a waste of your anger & time mate. They will never have what you & your daughter have.

Another said:

Stunned anyone would say anything nasty to your lovely daughter…. Ignore them …. you can see the huge majority of people think she is great

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 700 born in the United States Have Down syndrome — about 6,000 babies every year.

But for parents of children with Down syndrome like Markham, social media can sometimes still seem like an uphill battle.

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