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Dad Puts Baby on Train Before Stepping Outside to Smoke. Video Shows Him Frantic When It Leaves Without Him

Surveillance footage from Windermere Station in Cleveland, Ohio shows a panicked father chasing down a train after it pulled off with his baby inside.

The footage of the January incident surfaced on Monday. It shows the father entering the train carrying a baby basket. The train is pretty empty aside from one other male sitting near its doors.

The man can be seen placing the baby basket on a chair and sitting beside the child before adjusting his or her blanket.

Next, he stands up and removes his backpack and what appears to be a baby bag, and looks under nearby seats. Then, the father exits the train leaving his baby and his belongings unattended.

According to Daily Mail, when he exits the train, he can be seen asking a bystander for a light and sparking a cigarette.

Suddenly, the clip jumps to the passenger on board knocking on the window appearing to tell the father to come on. They both run over to the train doors, but it’s too late.

The doors shut with the father on the outside of them knocking and the passenger on the inside of them knocking. As the train departs, the father can be seen running after it.

Although the clip ends there, Cleveland 19 reports that the train conductor was informed of what happened and was able to reunite the man and his baby.

Neither the passenger nor the baby were in danger during the occurrence.

According to Cleveland 19, the conductor told police that the father of the child had been threatening her, but those claims proved baseless.

However, she was reportedly “coached” by her supervisor for not following communication protocol during the incident.

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  1. That dad needs to kick his stupid smoking habit. ImIf that didn’t teach him a few lessons, like his baby being abducted and worsecoyld have hapoened to the child, so he should never leave a child unattended, I don’t know what better lesson needs to come out of this. Kudos to the other man on that train who appears to be a decent, helpful person.

  2. Was that cigarette worth it? I hope Child Services does a complete check on him and his family to see if they even deserve to have this child. Obviously, that cigarette came before the responsibility of taking care of his child. He at least should be charged with child endangerment and punished. Wonder how many times this has happened already.

  3. Why in the Sam Hell would he leave his baby unattended. The man that was in the train could have kidnapped that child before the train even left! SMH Some kids don’t care who their parents are!

  4. First of all.. why would you leave your child alone..with a stranger a few feet smoke?????? This is child neglect

  5. First of all NEVER leave your child unattended!! I realize their was a woman in the train also but still you don’t just leave your child with a stranger to watch so you can go out and smoke!!

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