A concerned father wasn’t about to let a hit-and-run driver get away without any repercussions.

So he chased down the person who sped off after striking a kid near a crosswalk while leaving school.

Jess Mesa told KZTV that he was on his way to pick up his daughter from Hamlin Middle School in Corpus Christi when three students were crossing the street and a vehicle plowed through the crosswalk, hitting one child and narrowly missing a second.

The Texas dad said his parental instincts kicked-in when the vehicle drove away from the scene leaving the child injured.

KRIS reports, he said, “My daughter and I couldn’t believe what happened. I said, ‘Did that just happen?’ She said, ‘Yeah dad, that kid got hit.’”


The 12-year-old suffered a wrist fracture and bruised back from the accident, reports KIII.

The boy told the outlet he was crossing the street near his school when he thought the driver would stop. Curtis Johnson recalled:

“I went to go across the street before he was there and he had already gotten close. My friend dodged out of the way, but I got hit.”

That’s when Mesa jumped into action — he followed the vehicle while on the phone with police for about three miles through backroads.

“You know, it’s somebody else’s child. His parent wasn’t there, so you know somebody had to do something. If I wouldn’t have gone then he would’ve got away,” he told the station.


Police arrested and charged Wilfredo Faz, 28, with driving while intoxicated, and fleeing the scene after the accident. The child’s mother said:

“The minute he told me he got hit by a truck it just, my heart jumped in my throat.”

The boy is expected to make a full recovery after the incident and thanks to Mesa police were able to arrest the hit-and-run suspect.

Would you do the same?

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