Ohio father Vernon Barrett Jr. claimed his 6-year-old daughter was having “behavioral issues.”

According to WKBN, the father opted to “scare” his daughter into behaving as a form of discipline by donning a clown mask and chasing her around the neighborhood.

Terrified, the 6-year-old jumped into a stranger’s car to escape the monster.

She then fled into a stranger’s apartment for shelter, screaming that a clown was chasing her. When the family peered out the window, they saw the girl’s father, posing as a clown, shambling toward their home.


Dion Santiago, a man in the apartment, aimlessly fired a gunshot into his yard. Barrett was not hit.

However, both men are facing charges. Santiago was charged for using a weapon while intoxicated, while Barrett was charged with “child endangerment and inducing panic.”

The father explained his scare tactic as a safer alternative to spanking or physical violence. He claimed that his daughter’s mother is currently serving jail time for child endangerment after “being convicted of breaking four of the girl’s ribs.”

The men are expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

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